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    Piecing together the Catacombs.

    Although I have yet to finish putting together where everything in the Catacombs is beneath. I have found something quite interesting to note. The burial chamber with the statue heads is almost RIGHT beneath a statue of Balthazar.

    If anyone else would like to try and put together the Catacombs, by all means, go for it. Though if you think the exits will be exactly aligned with the surface entrances you're wrong. It's really odd about that..

    Anyway, I'm going to see if I can finish this...

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    I actually attempted this myself not so long ago. The closest fit I could get still had the south entrance way off from the overworld map.

    I always wondered about that big bottomless pit below the Baradin Estate...

    Here's my wee map anyway.

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    When taking the surface entrances into account, you have to remember where you enter needn't be right into the Catacombs themselves. There may be a short walk or a slant downwards before the Catacombs are accessed that is simply not shown during the load between sections.

    Good job on those maps though.

    I think it is very interesting that Balthazar is right above the burial chamber. The only reason I could think that this might be so is because the Catacombs were once above ground, and only later sunk to become the Catacombs we are familiar with today.
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    The catacombs may have been buried in some sort of catastrophe (earthquake or otherwise), but due to a nearby source of water and fertile soil, the area continued to be used and other things were built on top of the site, as often happens in the real world. They were probably unearthed sometime later and became used as a necropolis. That's my guess, at any rate. Makes me wonder just how old the catacombs are anyway, and who built them?

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    You know,I just remembered,that big gaping hole below Barradin's Estate has a source of light. Yet last I checked there's nothing above-ground to show where the light comes from. Also,Rae Fenrir,thanks for posting your map,it was early in the morning when I started on mine so I decided to post what I had done and finish it later.

    Also,there is that one tunnel with the flame geysers and at the end of it a demon created by a student. Though that isn't what I found to be interesting.If you look at the ceiling there is a middle bit of stone that just seems to be floating there and water flowing from the center of it onto the ground. It may not seem much,but compared to alot of the stuff we've seen that's a pretty interesting piece of architecture.

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    Speaking of interesting architecture. . .
    I have spent a lot of time in the Catacombs lately. I think much of this beautiful area is missed by most players wanting to rush through the Ascalon Academy. I've been taking shots to share with my friends as I explored, and I wanted to share them with the community.

    Obviously, not all rooms of the catacombs are included (though I can produce more, since I greatly enjoy spending time in the Cats.) I think I've found some interesting things while exploring. For instance, the Catacombs show evidence of being older than they first appear. Not only are there apparently ancient artifacts within it, but for instance, the smaller arch seen in the first overview image does not match the style of the rest of the room. The walls show in that room also show evidence of being built around previously existing walls. Also, in many of the rooms there are broken piles and slab of rock that appear to have once served an architectural function.

    The layout of the Catacombs also seems to have changed over time. The Wizard's Folley exit, lacking any real architecture and instead being predominantly rough and natural, would probably the most vulnerable to erosion. The areas of the Catacombs under Green Hills County and near Ashford Abbey could have origionally been seperate, or at least two main builds connected by a smaller chapel and a southern courtyard.

    (Areas marked in red I beleive were buildings, while unmarked areas were probably pathways or courtyards with outdoor bridges and pavilions.)

    I refer to this as a temple due to the many murals of the Gods within the Catacombs, specifically near Ashford Abbey (this area is outline in yellow.) While I've found one of each God, other than Lyssa, the predominantly displayed God is most definately Grenth. There are also several statues of Grenth in the Catacombs.
    In the north-eastern building are the three heads (which have been compared to those in the Crystal Desert) and is appears to be a moratorium of some sort (with both earthen graves as well as three tiers of caskets.)
    The western building is monopolizes by a circular, high-ceilinged room surrounding an deep dark pit. This pit is surrounded by gargoyles, and its bottom cannot be seen. It has three corridors, one which once may have once connected it to the Ashford Temple through the smaller chapel (see #'s 14-16 below). Another corridor leads to an exit and is lined with candles (keep those things lit, Oberon!) and while the last leads to a round candle antechamber, and leads out to the southern courtyard.

    Please share your thoughts on this. I am very interested in the history of the Catacombs.
    Also: If anyone can find a mural of Lyssa, let me know. I'm ready to pull my hair out looking for her!

    Anyway, its pretty picture time:

    1. Upper | Lower
    I haven't been able to recognize all of the text - it definately relates to the Common Rune Alphabet, but there appears to be at least one new Rune.

    2. No Image: This large mural (don't worry, there will be more in this same style featured later) of Grenth monopolizes the next room. The use of a mural opposite an arch (or contained within an arch-frame) is seen quite often in the Catacombs.

    3. This decor is found frequently together in the Catacombs, including on the entance in Ashford Abbey.

    4 and 5. The archway masks rough-stacked bricks on either side. Several of these bricks seem to have been decorated, or perhaps written on.

    6. This is repetition of the circular symbol seen in detail 1. It is repeated on both sides of each pillar, and on both of the main pillars. (This is seen on another bridge in the catacombs as well.)

    Note: I don't have a detail to share of this at the moment, but there is also a rather interesting decor on the exterior of the the vertical pillar-blocks on the ends of the bridge.

    7. Again, the illusionary frame is used around this mural of Dwayna. This is the only mural of Dwayna I have seen in the Catacombs. She is facing a hallway that leads to a statue of Grenth.

    8. Two more murals of Grenth are inset in the right wall in the poisoned hallway. Their location is far more visible in the linked image.

    9. This metal-work decor seems to be in the shape of Grenth's head.
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    10 and 11. These insets are almost completely gone from the wall (however, there are reminants of both.) I cannot remember if I've seen the completed mural, simply another instance of the main mural matched with similarly degraded accompaning murals, or have seen them seperate from the main image of Melandru. This is the only instance of Melandru I've seen in the Catacombs. You'll notice that above her are two more murals of Grenth and that the entire wall is presented in the arch-frame.

    12. (located along the opposite wall) A fuller view of the image seen in the upper left of 3, this time placed on a pillar and topped with a face capitol. Open-mouthed faces are found throughout the Catacombs (though not all of the faces are the same.) It is possible that these faces are memorials of the dead, perhaps past kings.

    (Quick note about the engraving: While this figure is wearing the same armor as Balthazar, I find it curious that if it is indeed the God of war, that this portrayl of him would be so previlant, while his face in his mural is obscured. Could this possibly be one of the other/displaced Gods - Dhuum, Mhenzies?)

    14. Commonly thought to be a Forgotten or Dragon, this mural was almost completely hidden. Standing within the window room, surrounded by Grenth, one can see it by looking up.

    15. This room completely surrounds you with Grenth's "presence" and the central window reflects on the pool of water.

    16. Balthazar, seen without his head. Though found several times in this room, his head is obscured in each instance by the slant of the wall.

    Though this room does not feature a God (unless Lyssa is here - I couldn't find her anywhere!) it does feature several interesting things I could help but to share.

    17. Lining both sides of the bridge, these stone skulls/heads will be familiar to those who have been in the Ring of Fire.

    18. These bones are located below the bridge. And they're big. Very big. Think the bones-in-the-desert big. Giganticus Lupicus big.

    . . . so yeah. That's what I've got right now.
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    It could be that until the present day there weren't any good depictions of Lyssa which is why we see no images of her in the Catacombs. Also,I never even noticed that Balthazar mural in that room. Then again I still have trouble locating it,so I'll have to go back sometime.

    Off-topic: I wish I had your graphics card..

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    I've always believed that the Catacombs predated Ascalon (not necessarily the humans, just the Kingdom). It looks like the Catacombs are the remains of an ancient city complex that sank (perhaps due to volcanic activity) and was simply build upon over the years (like modern Rome is build over parts of ancient Rome).

    Furthermore, the circle inscriptions shown in some of the pictures are one-to-one matches of similar inscriptions found in the Underworld. I suppose, in a way, this makes sense as the modern catacombs are more or less dedicated to Grenth and the necromantic arts, but I believe they predate the Catacombs function as.....well.....catacombs, which means they have a significance I am not yet sure on.
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    I know this is going a bit off topic, but do you think Urgoz's Warren could be a similar kind of thing? You never see the sky in there, even in the spots without trees. There are some sunken buildings in it too.

    Oh yea and for the people here who saw the nightfall trailler, do you see a ressemblance inbetween the statues of winged creatures in the catacombs and uw, and the winged creature in the movie ?

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