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    another curiosity: this pillar is of different architecture:


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    It IS Balthazar. It is an early concept art for Balthazar that was later reused as a mural in-game.

    Remember, the Catacombs function as the "university" (persay) of the Ascalon Necromancer Cult. Of course they depict Grenth as their head god.
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    in this case, yes, Balthazar is the bringer of death...

    let's hope Nightfall will explain the different architectures in the catacombs. the 2 different types of pillars, imo, says much. but i lack the necessary data to actually draw the conclusion from where did these Necromancers come.

    The water basin with the lilys on it remind me somehow on Nightfall. Looks familiar.

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    Today's update has made the mapping of unique areas (like the catacombs, FoW, and probably even Dragon's Lair) finally possible: (taken from guildwars.com)

    - Improved the Mission Map (the window accessed by using the "U" key) so that it works properly in the Catacombs, the Underworld, and Fissure of Woe, where previously it showed only black.

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    well, those were already mapped, using the minimap

    but i suppose now its a lot easier

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    I have a hypothesis..

    Well, the Kingdom of Orr was basically said to be inhabited by Balthazar, Melendru, and Dwayna. I believe the practice of Necromancy and Mesmerizing were strictly forbidden or looked down upon. If you even notice the weapon damages within these proffessions, they are chaos, cold, and shadow damage... doesn't exactly sound very decorus for a kingdom that was described as a "Paradise". I believe that Necromancers and Mesmers were deemed as outcasts and were forced to leave the Kingdom of Orr, traveling to present-day ascalon, and created a city of their own that rivaled the Kingdom of Orr, which could possibly be what is now known as the catacombs.

    How it became underground? who knows. But the architexture of the Catacombs and Orr could possible be quite similar! But we'll never know, unless Anet makes a chapter involving the Kingdom of Orr.

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    Since I can't edit..

    You know what would be really cool? If Guild Wars made a chapter solely on the past of Tyria. The way it would be connected to present day Tyria is through a time warp/portal, much similar to the Legend of Zelda! ^_^

    It would include such places like the Catacombs, the Kingdom of Orr, Kyrta, and Ascalon, even the settlements of the Crystal Desert with the Tombs of Primeval Kings!

    ah... one can dream :P

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    that would be cool Shane. But i dont think they would make it online or anything. like u couldnt get from land to land then. But i reckon theyll clear up the past adventually... somtime... like 3 chapters away maybe

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    is it just me, or do those creatures from post 19 look similar to Charr? i do realise that the charr would have been around in the time the catacombs were build, and were probably on friendly terms with humans, not in 'kill all humans' mode, and it just seems interesting that they would make these with Charr-like features

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    Quote Originally Posted by windcaller View Post
    also you will notice in urgoz warren the white-ish crystals as in the uw, near the smites. next time i'll take some screennies of both, for the ones that have never been there/can't remember.

    from the murals in the catacombs, it seems that Grenth rules over the other gods. the most obvious is in the screenie with the mural of Melandru, where Grenth is somewhat watching her. i might say that on the left and right side of melandru we might have found Lyssa and Balthasar.i doubt Dwayna would be under Grenth as she's the Goddes of Life. and i read somwhere that Balthasar might be dead (on my word if i can remember where). maybe that's why we don't see his head in the murals.

    another interesting thing, but which might be offtopic, is that, unlike Gods in Ancient Greece, we only have to antonimic pairs in GW: Dwayna and Grenth. Life and Death. The other 3 are somewhat pairless. Doesn't that seem out of balance?

    EDIT: IT'S NOT BALTHASAR!!!! i managed to get a screenie of the so-called Balthasar, but it's not as we know it. check it out yourselves.

    from what i knew Balthasar doesn't have a skeletal Body. and that other skull near his own looks as if this is somewhat a God whose borther its death..or...i don't understand.but deffo that's not Balthasar

    sorry for the darkness of the pic but i lack the knowledge of photo editing.

    EDIT: i found also something that might be found interesting by most of us.

    if you notice, this...creature...has strucutres of its body similar to the structures in Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

    Hmm... that is interesting... perhaps the Catacombs are so old they even have an Abbadonian influence... I always thought that was a mural of Balthazar with skulls cradled in his arms but if indeed the Catacombs are this old, it may be that they are even older and this is in fact a covered up mural of Dhuum.

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