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    PvP Rules and breakdown of forums

    FORUM RULES - read these before posting
    2 rules that are specific to the PvP area:

    1) Use the report button - use this to report posts that are incorrect, too inflamatory, spam etc...

    2) Competitive gamers tend to be more abrasive than non-competitive gamers, we recognize this and consequently we are more lenient than other forums on this site. Don't abuse this privilege or we will take it away.

    PvP Discussion: This is where we talk about skills, strategies etc... basically anything that doesn't pertain to one specific venue of PvP. Please refrain from posting your amusing RA anecdotes in this section.

    Builds/Guides: All the previous guides have been removed - we are looking for voulenteers to write up some guides for us! PM Parker or Ranger the link and we'll get it added.

    GvG: Anything related to GvG - IE: Builds, shifts in the meta.

    Arenas: Anything related to TA/RA goes here - IE: builds, discussion about rage quitters, as well as shifts in the TA meta.

    HA: Anything related to HA - IE: Builds, holding strategies, rank discussions.

    Alliance: Anything related to all forms of alliance battles, this includes the PvPvE missions and ABs.
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