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    new error 13 warning in text

    Just now in AB lucky just before start i got in my local text bar.

    Attemping to reconnet to server (errorcode :13)

    maybe said a bit more, handy little warning saved a lost game, logged out now real error 13, this is getting way to commom I think

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    just beat iCi in gvg, and at the end of that we are unable to reconnect to server, same err=13. Dont know how many people are experiencing this, but the whole of our team, and iCi's are all stuck.

    Worried, cos this is what happened last time ANET had to do a roll-back, and it would be a shame to lose this win. The last of the match should be on oberserver now, and it will be interesting to see what happens at the end.

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    It looks like the entire Euro server is down atm. My guild was just about to do some HA and everyone that went to reroll had it. Others couldn't change dis.

    Meh... let's wait patiently...

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    same here and half the guild i wi 2 :(

    things just seem to be getting way worse :(

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    The Fallen One
    Confirmed here too, re-rolled at a bad time :)

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    What's the deal? Whole Europe is down AGAIN?

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    This is really starting to get annoying.

    I couldnt login at the start of the Festival, the start of the Nightfall PvP weekend, and now, just as I get set up for a FoW run with a friend, we can't connect.

    Someone screwing with those servers :S

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    ye, i was tryin to talk in guild chat and nowt was comin up, i fort this weird so i relogged, damn.....[error = 013]

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    America is down as well, but different error code (007). I can authenticate, see my list of toons, but can't connect to the server.

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    I'm on EU servers, & I got err13 after I finished a mission & got stucked on connecting to a new outpost.

    Weird, my 2nd account is on US servers, & I have no problems logging in with it. Guess EU has down...again, again & again.
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