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    Little Tiny Note of Caution

    Just a friendly reminder that in all likelihood things are going to change before Nightfall is released. So far we've only seen 59 skills. Most likely there will be about 75 skills. It's also likely that some of the skills we've seen won't be the same when we see them next. Part of the reason they run these tests is to see and judge the interactions.

    Please keep in mind as you discuss these things that you are not working with complete information. Don't get too invested in how something worked during the PvP preview. It'll probably change!

    Auntie I
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    GWOnline.Net Member Alphabet's Avatar

    Still, the Paragon played very well and fluid, without being too powerful or too weak. Mabye a few tweaks with some underused skills and spear skills, but other than that, I think it'll remain mostly the same.

    ...unlike the Dervish.

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    Lightning Spear needs a nerf, imo. That's all.

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