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    Anyone play halo (pc version) online?

    I just need to ask this question. I would put it in the technical forum but this isnt GW related.

    I can get onto an online match for roughly 5 mins but then it stops and says my internet isnt working. I then check my internet and its doing really well.

    Then what can i do to get it working properly?

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    dunno, maybe try a halo forum, personaly the only problem I have with it is I hate it -_-

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    that game is pretty old, and wasnt all that active to start. It may just have been shut down; but i do slightly remember an addon, that added custom maps or something like that, and you may need that to get on the servers.

    Hope that helps

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    Maybe halo master server got turned off? Not sure, never really played it online.

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