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    I suppose its more of an exploit...


    Avoid being killed by:

    Having a good build

    Press [g] map to guild hall
    Press [m] map to location

    If your in an explore location then mapping to GH or save point will not count as a kill. Mind you getting to survivor on Factions is fairly easy. Its getting beyond to level 2 that isn't.

    Unless this point has already been brought up.

    Should leaving a explore zone by a means other than a gate count as a "death" on survivor? [Currently 40% in favour 40% against and 20% in favour of those who go linkdead and what they think!]
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    no, besides if you are angry at a survivor rage quitter, your group sucked anyway [/thread]

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    Well, it would of course make it harder to get the title than it already is :/

    But it'd also deal with all those people who quit missions in the middle of a tough battle because they're going for survivor.. and they're pretty annoying :D

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    No. I don't think so. I'm not a survivor myself, but I know that leaving an explore zone quickly can be needed for reasons other than exploiting this, and implementing that would be mean to Survivors in the making. Also, people can just log out. Trying to stop that would be lousy as well. You have a point, to be sure, but I really don't agree that this is a good way of stopping it.

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    Group? Sorry what group?

    Nah, I was experiemented with Survivor title (Which I have on a new slot).
    As I say, easy to get to Survivor without exploits (as its the same as getting to level 20 and Factions thats island + first 2 areas of mainland)

    Most groups I'm a member of seem to complete quest / mission as we tend to remain in the group.

    It was an observation.

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    I've thought about it and my opinion would be no. My ritualist is a survivor and I didn't map out because for me the title wouldn't have meant as much if I had and that's what it is about for me. If people are happy with the title even by mapping out then I have no problem with it. I don't care much about the titles of others, it's more about how people feel about their own titles and achievements.That's how I see it.

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