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    Hammer Spike Assassin!!

    Hi Guys, this is my first time posting here

    I recently came up with a hammer build that does freaky spike dmg, shuts down the opponent, cannot be blocked or evaded (for the most part) and removes stances. Here's how it works:

    Attribute Points:

    Critical Strikes: 14
    Hammer Mastery: 12
    Deadly Arts: 10
    Shadow Arts: 2

    Skill list:

    Shadow Refuge
    Sharpen Daggers
    Wild Blow
    Iron Palm
    Crushing Blow
    Entangling Asp
    Irresistable Blow

    Weapon: Ebon Hammer of Enchanting (15^50, enchantments last 15% longer)

    Apply Sharpen Daggers then hit with Wild Blow to cause bleeding. Follow with Iron Palm to KD, while they're down, use Crushing Blow to cause a deep wound. Seeing as how Iron is still recharging, u can now use Entangling Asp to KD again Finally, hit with Irresistable Blow for some lovely dmg

    Shadow Refuge is your heal, Dash is there for offense and defense. Before you start saying "Ah but it has no defensive stances", or "It has no snares" you won't need it, trust me!The best part about this build is that the hammer attacks used do not require adrenaline (as I've seen in some other assassin hammer builds), so this is instant dmg that is almost always at your disposal. Oh and I rarely, if ever, run into energy problems with this build, in case you were wondering.

    NB! I only use this build in RA, Aspenwood and AB. I haven't tested it in GvG, but I would say it probably wouldn't be all that effective there. Its still a fun build all the same, I can't stop using it!

    Give it a try, let me know what you think. And if someone else beat me to the punch with this build, please accept my apology, but I did come up with this one on my own
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    I was thinking that ViM would do well to replace shadow refuge though i dont know how well it heals at 2 tactics or maybe charge to replace dash. Im not sure these would help its just that i feel odd not carrying an elite. All in all it looks interesting and i will try it when i get done moving.

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    Ah ViM, I hadn't even considered using that, true, would have to test it to see if it heals well enough at 2 tactics, but who knows Charge would probably be great too. Excellent suggestions there.

    I don't particularly feel it ABSOLUTELY requires an elite to be more effective, but ViM and Charge would definitely make for a nice change Still, I get to use both Shadow Refuge and Dash in my build, wheras I would have to substitute either one with Charge or ViM. Not that there's anything wrong with that

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    I dont know if it works with other weapons (I doubt it does) but how about locust's fury? Double hammer strikes could be pretty brutal.

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    Ha, I like the sound of that I'll have to investigate this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Locusts Fury is dagger-specific Also, the 10 energy req might hurt my build a bit *lol*

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    Uhhh...no Elite?

    Assassins promise perhaps, to recycle asp and iron palm.

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    Locust fury only works with daggers, as they are the only weapons that "double strike."

    Cool build either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fafner
    Uhhh...no Elite?

    Assassins promise perhaps, to recycle asp and iron palm.
    Assassin's Promise is a bit too "situational" for me, anything could happen before I land the killer blow (Monk could come along from out of nowhere and prevent the spike, etc...) and then I'm left without a self heal too (I can't sacrifice Dash for obvious reasons). Besides, an elite is never compulsory, and that goes for any build

    This works just fine without one, and after killing someone, its usually better for me to make my retreat (safer, at any rate), let my skills recharge naturally and get back into the fray

    Still, I wouldn't rule out Assassin's Promise altogether

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    You should consider replacing Dash with Siphon Speed (as it has been recently fixed to work properly). It can be used defensively and offensively, lasts longer and recharges 3 times faster (obviously the speed boost is NOT as high either, but it's enough). It would also give you a Hex to use JUST in case your bleeding gets removed before you can land Iron Palm (not very likely, but possible).

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    you know, this is a rare time i'd suggest this skill (as in, it's generally terrible) siphon strength seeing as you
    a) dont have an elite
    b) have points in deadly arts

    with you critcal hitting that often i'd imagine the energy wouldn't be a problem. i'd think about replacing asp (although poison + bleeding is pwnage) or shadow refuge (i dont like this skill other than something to use for GPS plus you only have two in shadow)

    just a suggestion that may or may not help,i think i'll try it tomorrow myself :D

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