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    I can see the new Runner Already


    Avatar Of Balthazar
    Balanced Stance
    Some Evading Stances

    Dont forget Nightfall IS Coming wich means new skills for the warrior

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    Slightly off-topic, but I think dervishes will be more used for farming rather than for running. A W/D troll farmer w/ a sythe would cut a major amount of time needed to complete one run of trolls. Nearly the same skill set as a normal troll farmer, but with sythe attacks and maybe some dervish enchants.

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    Hmm, D/E, mysticism and fire magic with burning speed. I hadn't thought of that before. Only problem with that is that you'd have to put burning speed back on all the time.

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    The day after the weekend beta started, I made a similar thread here and in the Prophecies PvE forum, under the Droknar running thread.

    Meaning, I completely agree that their skills will be effectively implemented into many a running build, assuming that the skills in question aren't made less effective in some way between now and the release of Nightfall.

    The fact that Avatar of Balthazar isn't a stance, can't be stripped, and lasts for a long time.. that's enough to make it the elite of choice for a good deal of runners, at least for certain areas.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Bozo69PD's Avatar

    I wonder how it will effect flag runners. If people start using D/W as flag runners in GvG what would be the counter flag runner...hmmm

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    you can still snare

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    GWOnline.Net Member Bozo69PD's Avatar

    you have 3 good runner options with balthazar, melandru, and dwayna tho. One gives the run speed boost and good armor, seems pretty good for tanking your way in there. Melandru basically makes the cripshot ranger pointless.

    I think the best might be dwayna for gvg though. ice hexes arent gonna stay on, and you will be healing yourself each time you use a skill. you are really only worried about cripple so just bring mend ailment or purge.

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