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    skills used
    frenzy, balthazar's aura, dismember, axe twist, penetrating blow, executioner's strike, healing breeze, life attunement.

    realized quick that the mirror uses a sword close up, so why give him any skills for that? had an axe and thought that'll work.

    fight started i casted balthazar's aura as soon as next to it, and attacked. by the time i was able to use the first axe skill, the fight was over.

    11 healing/9 smiting/10 axe.

    got it on my 4th try.

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    elementist/monk. flare fire storm meteor storm fireball meteor inferno aura of restoration and resurect.
    20 to fire 13 to energy storage. killled him in 7 seconds. used meteor storm on him he used fire storm on me . i dodged he didnt fight over

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoliS
    the rules:

    post only builds you HAVE defeated the mirror with, and please, post builds where you did not have to REALLY struggle to do it.

    suggestions may be general, but I would like more specific builds

    please limit the questions (if you need help, just search the thread for the build you want)

    keep OT to a minimum

    EXPLAIN THE STRATEGY BEHIND YOUR BUILD!!!!!! only listing skills sometimes isnt enough.

    have at ye!
    Necro/Monk (high: Dead Magic, Healing Prayers).

    Retribution, Dark Pact, Defile the flesh, Deadly Swarm, Healing Breeze.

    Cast Retribution before getting in, Healing Breeze, Deadly Swarm as often as possible, I beat the mirror in about 40 secs. the other two will cost him 10% or 20% live .
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    My character being Eva Ostara, an E/Mo, I used the following:

    Well, since I'm an Air + Water Ele, I already had an Air attribute of 10 (same with Water).

    Blinding Flash
    All "Element" Attunement Spells
    Rest were blank

    I brought a decent 11-22 Air damage staff and this is what I did. I brought the Attunement Spells to let my Mirror self waste time casting them on herself, while she was doing that, I cast Blinding Flash. Since she was Blinded and was a far enough distance away from me to have attacked me long range, she pretty much missed me every single time. All I did was stand there and regularly attack her with my staff while spamming Blinding Flash whenever it was about to wear off on her.

    I beat her very easily with 441 of 505 health left.

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    skills used: penetrating shot, all other skills were either nature rituals or pet skills

    since your mirror self doesnt take a pet, all of those spells are useless, nature rituals take him a long time to cast, if you get in really close to your mirror self, he will attempt to use an axe on you with 0 axe points, therefore dealing around 10 dmg per go, whereas you can spam penetrating shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaziurra
    This is my warrior build that i beat him with.


    1. Frenzy
    2. Hundred Blades
    (Yes, thats all)

    Explanation: This is a very simple but easy to play build. Just wait until he casts Frenzy and then pummel him with Hundred Blades or any quick melee attack that adds extra damage. He basically kills himself.
    Im sorry, but to my understanding a Warrior is not able to get Hundred Blades until late in the game. Maybe im mistaken. Basically you dont get any really good moves until your almost complete with the game. Or atleast not any elites. Im a W/me and defeated my mirror in 4 tries. Just equip skills that you know it wont utilize properly and you won. I have yet to get an elite and I have ascended.

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    I have Ascended on 4 different character builds. In every case I beat my mirror on the first attempt in 30 secs or less - except the Necro/Monk, but that was only because I didn't fully think out the plan the first time in.


    here are the basic rules I followed:

    1) take no heals - anything I have the mirror has too
    2) max out only the attributes you plan to use - set the rest to 0 unless you have no skills that use that attribute equipped
    3) take 2-3 skills to use myself
    4) the remaining skill slots fill with high energy, long cast time, sacrifice, or (in the case of Monks) those that take away energy regen. Any buffs should be of minimal benefit and preferably have 0 in the related attribute.
    5) when possible, for casters choose area of effect skills that can be easily sidestepped over high spike damage or targetted attacks. You cast it, the mirror does too ... you step out of the AoE, but it doesn't

    If you follow the 5 simple guidelines above, you should come out on top.

    I'm sure you can see from the variety of posts that there are many different ways to go about beating the mirror even with the same profession combinations. As far as specifics for each, I think handing someone that information will just create more players at higher level that can't think for themselves - and there's already too many.

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    I can't wait til i get to do this fight now.

    If you go into the fight without any armour on, does you mirror have any armour? If so does doing this and then quickly equipping your armur give you any advantage over them?

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    Ok, i believe someone said in the begining for warrior hundred blades and frenzy. I think that would work, but is stupid being as you get hundred blades after you beat your mirror. For my warrior i brought frenzy. Thats all it takes. When he used it i was hitting him for over a 100 damage a shot. I took him down in 8 seconds. Its so easy to do, thats all you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FowerFighter

    Blinding Flash +empathy,
    Leave rest blank

    He won't hit a thing and keeps killing himself, Self just don't attack
    I went in with my E/Me just to see what it was like, I almost killed the mirror. I readjusted my attributes and went in and killed in what I think was under 10s
    Lightning Strike, Whirlwind, Blurred Vision, Chain Lightning, Lightning Orb, Aura of Restoration, Backfire, Res Signet (this is my standard exploring set except for backfire slot wich changes quite a bit)
    Sequence of events:
    Aura of Restoration before you enter
    Lead with Backfire
    Lightning Strike
    Lightning Orb (1/2s before done casting, had backfire on me)
    Stop casting and attack with weapon; 1 or 2 hits and mirror is dead.

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