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    Where most people Sell weapons?

    I have got a lot of gold weapons, some good some bad. But the good ones I try to sell to people but nothing,never can find a place to sell them.

    Were do most people go to sell your weapons? I've tried Mon, Market, KC. and I know I have some weapons worth stuff. So any healp on a loaction to go would be greatful.

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    Prophecies - Lions Arch is usually the center of trade.

    Factions - Kaineng Center is usually the center of trade.

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    District 1 is the district most people use for trade in any town.
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    In Prophecies: Ascalon city, Lion's Arch and the city after the mission after Ascension. (Aauggghhh, I went brain dead!! Is it Droknar's Forge?). Anyways, Ascalon is mostly bulk materials, dyes, and lower level stuff (although some high end stuff is sold there). Droknar's is almost exclusively high-end stuff and mostly rare materials and entire stacks of common materials. Lion's Arch is somewhere in between. Also, exotic items found only in places like the Fissure of Woe (e.g., Ectos) are most commonly found in Temple of Ages.

    The lower numbered districts are where most the trading takes place. In Ascalon, the sheer number of traders forces them to spread out; so District 1 through District 3 are usually hopping. But for the rest, you will want to stay in District 1 most of the time.

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    And for heaven's sake, please use the trade channel.

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