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    Dice and paper roleplayers

    I've been roleplaying for the last 20 years now (yeah I'm really really ancient). I was wondering how many tabletop roleplayers we have in our ranks, what kind of game you use(d) to play, etc. I myself really like playing in world of darkness and cyberpunk.

    Also, could anyone give me direction to an internet based Amber game, an ACTIVE one? I've been looking all over google and I couldn't find any.

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    Back in my day, I used to play AD&D 2nd ed. I've dabbled in some Star Wars and RIFTS, but that's about it I think. Due to some really strange and just plain vindictive game masters, they sucked the joy of paper/dice RPGs for me. I mean, c'mon, what kinda loser would go so far as to actually make your people "get into character" by talking like bad Shakespearian actors, with your "thee"s and "thou"s? Freak.

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    Baron, I've played DnD from the release with the blue dice that you had to crayon in with white Some 2nd edition and dabbled in 3rd ed; but mostly I've become a White Wolf addict. It's a fairly open system and friendly to building real stories. So a lot of in-character conversations and so on, but our roleplaying groups have always gone that way anyway. My favourite campaign was in a custom system called Ultra Aurum, developed by one of my guildies. Truely fantastic.

    As to Amber - it's rare seeing somebody that knows that! Wow. I suspect though you won't have a lot of joy finding an online group for that - but good luck anyways!

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    I recently got into table top games... like three years ago. My favorite systems are mostly the DnD ones, like Modern D20 and the current DnD system... though it's always left me lacking. I also really like GURPS, which in the end I find too confining. Lately, I'm always the GM, and I really love being one.

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    DnD, starting from Second Edition, but I barely remember the rules for that now. I got back into PnP roleplay with Vampire: the Masquerade, and have been running a Changeling: the Dreaming game off and on for nearly ten years.

    I'm not enamoured of the new World of Darkness game setting, however, and haven't really found a new setting or system that I've liked. I am very fond of GURPS, but ony the books for campaign ideas, not actually trying to use the mechanics.

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    I would bet that most Fantasy gamers have dabbled in tabletop games of some kind. I do think that this game attracts them along with Magic the Gathering players. Amber sounds like a series I read about along time ago though I didn't know it was a game. My illicit path started with the Red Basic Read this book first DnD. The most obscure was a Tolkein Middle Earth Role Playing System that would require a Masters to decipher. I agree GURPS is too Generic. Anyway, check out Neverwinter Nights if you haven't. NWN2 is coming out later this year. Should be right up yer alley.

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    I used to play DnD but not sure which version. Always enjoyed it but never liked having to get everyone together. Then I got into MUDS online. Played those for a long time, even through the glory days of games like Everquest. Decided I wanted to try graphical when GW came out and have been here ever since. Though I do still hop on "my" MUD every now and again to fix a few bugs or what not.

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    i dunno if anyone has heard of dragon warriors, its a a pen and paper game similiar to dnd, but in paperback form... truly excellent, fantastic combat system, great atmosphere and really well thought our quests, npc's and characters... apart from that, i really like warhammer fantasy and some gurps and vamp the masq., althought the last 2 are somewhat limited

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    I haven't played pen and paper RPGs much, but I've played GURPS and the Wheel of Time RPG by Wizards of the Coast. Never played D&D.

    The problem, I think, was trying to play WoT with friends who had never read the books. Our games were absolutely hilarious, but they never really "got it," and eventually we sort of gave up. I think I'd play more if I had more than one other person to game with, as I quite enjoyed it.

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    Stormbringer FTW!

    Heh, that's about all i've played. Have also suffered from bizarre/vindictive/idiotic games masters....

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