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    First time in Kaineng city

    so I just got to kainen city with my ranger..I'm level 18, both att quests have been completed. I have a pet but no specific build...and my futile attempts to complete some quests in bukdek byway has, at this moment, always ended up with me getting killed. I dont have the necessary money to upgrade my armor and I'm just basically stuck beyond all belief..Cany anyone give me some tips or anything?

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    Grab several good henchmen and let them do the brunt of the work. Keep your distance and use your bow attacks. The quests in Kaineng tend to give quite a good chunk of change.

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    Don't forget to use 'shift' 'ctrl' and 'space' to get the henchies to attack for you. Leaving them to get aggro whilst you stand back and pelt them from a distance.

    I personally take fire trap to place where i stand so any melee that come up will set it off and run away giving you time to readjust.

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    For the problem with you having no specific build, you can test out several builds by sheer creativity while making use of the henchies to do the work. You can look around the forums for builds (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=405273), or you can ask someone in the game for advice.

    For the problem with you having crap armor, you can get max armor (with no bonus though) from collectors around the place. If you are having trouble getting around at this point of time, backtrack and get second max armor at areas like Jaya Bluffs and Haijun Lagoon.
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    walk up to kaineng. get the "seeking the cure" mission which requires u to get 3 jade brotherhood capes. Go to markeplace, load up on hench, kill the 3 jade knights just in wajuun bazzar. Get quest reward & take new "seek out brother tosai". All the Am Fah in wajuun are now friendly (except for a quest related bunch), which means u can complete a whole slew of quests in wajuun just by walking (e.g. lost bear).

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