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    For that arsonist yearning to get out ;) (an AoE build)

    (These are the attributes I used)
    12 Fire magic
    8 (4+4) fast casting
    12 (11+1) inspiration magic
    6 (5+1) illusion magic

    The skill set you shall use:
    Fevered dreams(E)
    smoldering embers
    illusion of weakness
    auspicious Incantation
    ether feast
    energy tap
    Resurrection signet

    First off, cast illusion of weakness on yourself then put fevered dreams on the intended target then cast immolate and THEN smoldering embers. Once fevered dreams recharges you should switch targets the reason being since your target is taking damage from both your fire spells and burning they'll soon be dead and unable to transfer conditions. So the longer the enemies able to transfer conditions the more damage the whole enemy group will take. Use energy tap/ether feast and Ai + recast Illusion of weakness when needed.

    +Possibly the biggest area of effect in the game
    +Doesn't cause enemies to scamper
    +Can take out a major group of monsters
    +The sadistic satisfaction of toasty kraken spawn/outcasts/etc....
    +Does a great amount of damage over a very large area

    -The enemy can't be moving to be effected by smoldering embers but it can be switched out and replaced with another fire skill (like mark of rodgort(sp.)? ) or you could simply use a caster as a firestarter

    Tidbits: burning causes 14 damage per second and immolation + smoldering embers burning durations last 6 seconds which is 84 damage to the target getting. But, Immolation and smoldering embers are cast constantly. So 3 combos will result in 84 x 3 =252 damage it's still not that great but it's over a VERY large area and unlike the rest of the fire skills it doesn't get reduced by armor (which i'm sure many monsters in the deep have a high level of. )

    The enemy (The "fire starter") will have a damage rating of this: 184 damage (with 60 AL) and 3 combos would be (all though you should change targets) 183 x 3= 549 (put that in your pipe and SMOKE it )

    Well that's all for now input is appreciated!
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    You've made the common mistake of incorrect rune usage. Put the superior rune and headgear on the attribute you invest most in - inspiration in this case. You'll end up with more attributes overall at the same health penalty.

    The build on the whole doesn't strike me immediately as incredibly effective, I think I'd rather have a typical dual attunement fast cast nuker or just your average dom mes. Energy management isn't sufficient imo and damage not really high enough to justify the relative complexity to setup.

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    i tried it. with some better att. points settings and it kills 3 wammo's that are bashing on you quite fast if you have a monk on your side xD

    but even next to that, it does good dmg. enough energy imo. you got healing and its AoE with a spell not used often.

    nicely done

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    I expected to actually see Fevered Dreams + Glyph of Lesser Energy + Mark of Rodgort + Wanding.

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