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    elemental advantages?

    Can someone give me a list of what element bowstring is most effective against what types of enemies?

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    Use your head.

    Plants = Burn.
    Ice = Burn.
    Fire = Don't Burn.

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    well, I don't think there are all that much enemies with a real weakness, but I do know about devourers (in ascalon, dunno about others) they are really weak to Water magic.

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    shiverpeak, use fiery.
    ring of fire, use icy.

    not sure for other regions...

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    Regardless of the 'bowstring' element factor making this the only reason it's a ranger thread item this is still a valid question. For example, I never knew certain plant creatures have a resistance to cold. More or less the norm applies though as ice and plant creatures are usually vulnerable to fire and fire is vulnerable to cold and there may be some mergoyles weak to lightning damage and so on. As for a comrehensive list of what creature is weak against what, I haven't found one out there. If you do find one, please let me know or post it though.

    In an effort to help at least a little, here's a LINK to an ancient thread I started about elemental bow damage and the pluses and minues of using each BUT this was also pre-factions so don't expect any miracle information. It also ignores any information regarding general 'elemental resistance' and focuses on specific element types of damage.

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