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    Share Armor Piece - (None Primary Linked)

    I don't recall seeing this idea before (thought did saw some similar ones befoe), but it goes like this...

    None-primary-proffessional-linked Armor Piece

    What they are are one or two NEW armor piece (per proffession) that could be woren by all proffession, irregardless of your primary. They would be new armor piece, and not the exisiting ones. (Think of Pumpking Helm.. but with Stats) So for example, say there is a new Skull Helm (which will be linked to Necro) with stats of:

    Skull Helm
    65 AL, +1 Death Reaping.

    But it could be woren by all other proffessions, and not just Necro. (However, usually it would be ones who have necro as secondary that would gain the most benefit.) Also you can still only put runes of your proffession on it. Other piece of this type migh include:

    Horn Helm From Warrior
    Seeker's Mask From Mesmer
    Wisdom Eye From Elm
    Power Body Tatoo from Monk
    Forester Boot from Ranger

    This helps to customize the look of each character better (you see a warrior with skull head, you might guess he is a War/Necro) and prmote more build with their secondary, and of couse add new looks to help break up the army of clones.

    *(It should only be one or two new armor piece, and not full set of share armor, nor de-primiarize the exisiting ones. For blance and modeling issue.)

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    I see potential with the idea, but I fear what it could do to game balance if not done right.

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    That would depend on what stats you give them. Also they should be just one or two piece from each prff with specialize stats (like the stonesummit gauntlets), which would help the 2ndary combo better.

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