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    GWO Guild Membership Application


    Thank you for your interest in the GWO Guild.

    We are a close-knit group of friends and players who promote a community-minded spirit while representing the GWOnline.net Guild Wars fansite. We take pride in being a friendly, cooperative guild, meaning we share when we can and freely help each other on quests, missions, skill-capping, and GvG battles, when possible. Help from GWO members is also generously extended to and received from other guilds, with whom we have formed friendships over the course of time. GWO exists for the good of its members and is run collectively by its membership. Basically, we promote the fun and fellowship of the game, encourage and help each other, and uphold the Guild Wars EULA.

    Members are expected to behave with honor and courtesy toward others, both within and outside the Guild. Basically, GWO is a safe, friendly, and helpful place. With that in mind, say hello when you sign on and be sociable. Join a couple of groups doing missions or quests and enjoy yourself.

    • By applying for membership to the GWO Guild, you will be verifying that you have read the GWO Guild Rules, and agree to abide by them.
    • You may contact any of the Officers in-game for more information.

    Application Procedure

    After you post your application, and when space space is available, you will be contacted via private message (PM) on the website forums. After replying to the PM, you will be invited into the Guild in-game. Membership in GWO is initially given on a probationary basis of 30 days, during which the decision will be made by the Leadership if you will gain full Membership or not. If you are accepted, you will be given access to the Guild's private forum. At this time, you will be required to post your information in the Member Info thread.

    Application Form

    Please provide the following information in this format:

    Main Ingame Character Name (IGN):
    All Other Ingame Character Names (IGNs):

    1. How many hours do you play Guild Wars per week?

    2. Which areas of the game do you enjoy the most? (I.E. high level PvE, Fissure of Woe, Hard Mode, Guild vs. Guild, Hero’s Ascent, PvP, socializing with others, etc...)

    3. Do you have any personal goals to achieve in Guild Wars? (I.E. obtaining 15K or fissure armor, completing Master difficulty quests, Titles, etc...)

    4. Would you be interested in helping other members through missions and quests?

    5. What do you like the most about Guild Wars?

    6. What do you like the least about Guild Wars?

    7. What other games do you play apart from Guild Wars?

    8. Have you been a member of a Guild previously? If so, what was your experience with them like?

    9. Why are you interested in joining the GWO Guild?

    10. What are your expectations as a member of the GWO Guild?

    11. What character do you play the most and why?

    12. What kind of biscuit would you be?

    13. Cake or Pie?
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