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    Shadow Step Fix. Should not lock on

    whenever someone uses AOD, i think the targeting system should lock off. it doesn't make sense, when you aod or recall back at a different location, the warriors or whoever are still attacking you, as if they already know where you teleported...

    you should be able to look around and find him again....

    yes or no?
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    /signed greatly help the Sins

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    sounds like a good idea

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    MAkes sense to me, and makes the skill a lil more usable

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    Without breaking target lock, teleporting is useless. I don't use teleport for escape simply because it does not work.

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    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    There's not much use in being able to tele out of a situation when you still get meteor showered upon 1000 feet away AFTER you bamfed out.


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    I don't see whats wrong with it. Nobody ever saw there to be a problem with continueing to lock on to a Necro using Consume Corpse/Necrotic Traversal. This would just make all forms of PvP stupid, instead of been able to blind the Assassin/Warrior that just shadow stepped to your monk instead you have to tab your way through targets to find em.


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    Not very assassin-skill like if u teleported and can still be found.

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    See now problem with the skill so it needs no fixing.


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