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    Any one ever seen this bow?

    Any one ever seen this bow? I promise it's not photoshopped but it was a long time ago. Didn't know how to post pictures so I couldn't :/ so here it is:


    Any one knows?
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    Available from a collector right outside Serenity Temple.

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    The stats look like that collector's bow from Ouran Odwin outside Serenity Temple.

    I remember gathering the things for it and my enjoy of getting it ended when guildie pointed out the penalty to attack speed.

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    The collectors in Pre- and Post-searing have many strange stuff. Too bad there are no maxed out things like that. Would be a welcome change from the usual stuff.

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    There are a few really neat odd weapons not in pre-searing. The +5 energy wand from outside Grendich, the -2dmg in stance bow from Ascalon Settlement, the long-removed Henge of Denravi bow with an inherent 10 armor...
    On the plus side, Factions has collector for pretty much every type of weapon... +15>50, +15 stance, +15 enchanted, +20 hexed, etc. But no neat/different weapons like the aforementioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocotroid
    Available from a collector right outside Serenity Temple.


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    yeah i love how there are all these strange weapons around that most people have forgotten about, the shocking plasma blade, the +5 energy shield in post searing (cant remeber where)

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    WHere is the plasma blade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retromullet
    WHere is the plasma blade?
    it doesn't exist

    Nice one Seyfert

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    Plasma Blade DOES/DID exist

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