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    Faction line not based on wins?


    I swear since they changed something with the alliance battles that the line no longer moves based on wins... It seems like it is moving the same direction til it hits the last map, then moves back towards the other side. Before we use to almost never hit the far back maps, but something is wierd now...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Rustin's Avatar

    you're crazy. nah, i figure anet wanted us to be able to play all of the maps instead of being stuck in the middle most of the time and not getting a good variation

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    I've also had that thought for a while. One of my guildies speculated that it is based on the donations.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Parker Bsb's Avatar

    I was under the impression it was due to the new mechanic - once you start winning it makes the line move faster the other way. Since the last maps are soo biased it forces the win condition back to the other alliances favour - moving it rapidly back the way it just came from.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aiiane's Avatar

    Indeed, as Parker alluded to, they specifically stated in the patch notes that they were adding "momentum" factor that caused it to be more likely for the map change to continue to shift in the direction it was already changing. Thus, it would require many more wins by the losing side to force the line back the other way, something that generally happens on the end maps.

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    O.o...really? Damn, no wonder I feel like I'm in a benny hill rerun.

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