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    Talking Don't play with matches, just play with fire!

    The paragon is quite the flameseeker huh?

    Well couple of intresting things i have been thinking of...

    Well for one

    Blazing Finale

    For 10-35 seconds, whenever a Chant or Shout ends on target ally, all foes adjacent to that ally are set on fire for 1-3 seconds. 5 energy 1 second activate 8 second recharge

    This skills sounds intresting combined with the shortest duration and fastest recharge shout with no point investment i can think of

    "Watch Yourself!"
    Party members near you gain +20 armor for 5-10 seconds. 4 Adrenaline None None

    I think usually by the time this ends you will be able to put it back up so you continue the fire.

    Now there's an intresting idea that a lot of people have been talking about,

    cautery Signet

    All party members lose all Conditions. You are set on Fire for 1 second for each Condition removed in this way. This is an elite skill. None 2 15

    Since this is not linked to anything i think it would almost be worth trying to give it to a necromancer so the fire can be easly transered to a foe, just think in the spider cave of the FoW, not only can you rid you party of conditions for a little while, but you can light a spider on for 8 seconds, although it would almost appear the watch yourself blazing finale would work out much better. Espcially when echoed upon a few people to make sure, no matter where the foes are, they will catch ablaze.

    Now to another cool skill

    Burning Refrain

    For 20 seconds, if target ally hits a foe with more Health than that ally, that foe is set on fire for 1-3 seconds. This Echo is reapplied every time a Chant or Shout ends on that ally. 5 energy 1 second activate 10 recharge

    This has got to be the nicest skill for degening someone like rotscale, glint, even shiro or whatever the next boss will be. Heck take a protection monk/rit and just let the thing burn to death.

    They're on Fire!

    For 20 seconds, allies within earshot take 5-50% less damage from foes suffering from Burning. 5 energy None 20 recharge

    First glance at this skill seems fairly bad really, but if you can keep up the burning. since you can keep blazing finale on 4 people easly, even more if somehow you mixed in something like serpents quickness, although might be hard since you have /warrior lol. Still 50% damage reduction to what could be already reduction party wide from a ritualist is so great. Still i think although more coordination is needed, fire could be defiantly be one of the greatest assets to offer.

    I'm not sure on the cap on damage reduction but if it does get up to the 60% range, that defiantly would be.. wonderful.
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    Plague Sending would be the most effective way to combo Cautery Signet.

    Of course, you need quite a lot of shouts in addition in order to keep the Chant/Echo going.

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    the only echo here that can be renewed is burning refrain, and you have 20 seconds to do so. If you were talking about blazing finale, it probably wouldn't be too hard really, even if you just planned to have the paragon use it and someone else with an ias spam watch yourself whenever it ended, although that probably wouldn't be needed as 4 adrenline doesn't take much to charge, that way you could be burning for i would say... at least 7 out of 10 seconds,

    Because the lowest watch yourself lasts 5 seconds it seems so if one could build up the 4 needed adrenline every 5 seconds, you could activate it very quickly after it ends. Since though it burns for a maximum of 3 seconds you bascially would get about 6 out of 10 seconds of AoE burning. Which is still pretty good.
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    Plague Sending would be the most effective way to combo Cautery Signet.

    Burning Refrain is my personal favorite up there, but I think "They're on Fire!" will have the biggest impact on the game. . .

    AoE Damage reduction could be pretty intense even if the condition is harsh.

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    yeah, they're on fire, used wisely can be great, or a complete waist depending on the situation, which makes me think it will work great in a very organzized pve team and not sure which pvp it be good in.
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    I don't think it needs *that* much organization (although it definitely takes some). At least in PvE. If you're in a group with a lot of physical attackers, all it takes is Anthem of Flame and poof - everyone's on fire. Or just pick on whoever's doing the most damage and do a Blazing Spear. Or just get a Dervish to do it's burning AOE. Or just take a Fire Ele. I don't think fire is too hard to get on people, although the short duration might be a problem. They're on Fire! is definitely a really cool build that would make a very nice defense.

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    in the case of pve, just have everyone use a fire weapon and get a dual attunement ele to spam mark of rodgort, then it's constant burning forever.

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    that works, but i doubt you could get that in a normal pug

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    *Giggles like a pyromaniac*


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