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    Possibly a good spear build? pve not pvp

    anthem of Fury

    For 10 seconds, all allies within earshot gain 1-4 strikes of adrenaline the next time they use an attack skill. 5 energy 1 second activate 20 second recharge

    this not only helps boost your skills to be ready to use, but also warrior who are usuing many adrenlin skills too.

    Leader's Comfort

    You gain 15-75 Health. For each nearby ally, you also gain + 10-20 Health (maximum 140 Health). 5 energy 2 second recharge 8 second recharge

    It's a pretty good self heal, at least i think so.

    Anthem of Flame

    For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by each ally within earshot also causes Burning for 1-3 seconds. 5 energy 1 activate 10 second recharge

    Really it seems if by yourself this may not be that great, but as a party buff, you can get a lot of flames.

    Barbed Spear

    If this attack hits, your target begins bleeding for 5-15 seconds. 3 (adrenal) None None

    Well it's a simply fast charging skill that can cause constant bleeding.

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    Blazing Spear
    If this attack hits, you deal + 5-30 damage and sets target foe on Fire for 1-3 seconds. 7 (adrenal) None None

    A good damage skill with burning, what's not to like?

    Stunning Strike

    If this attack hits, you deal + 10-40 damage. If i hits a foe suffering from a Condition, that foe is also Dazed for 5-15 seconds. This is an elite skill. 8 (adrenal) None None

    Well so far this is the only elite spear skill, and it is good so i included it.

    cruel Spear
    If this attack hits, you deal + 5-30 damage. If it hits a non-moving target, you inflict a Deep Wound for 10 seconds. 7 (adrenal) None None

    I picked this over

    Merciless Spear
    If this attack hits a foe with less than 50% Health, that foe suffers from a Deep Wound for 5-20 seconds. 6 (adrenal) None None

    Simply because in pve enemys don't really move, and the fact this although has higher amount of deep wound time, by the time you get on focus fire and have enough adrenlin that you shouldn't need like 10 extra seconds of deepwound, and besides in 10 seconds you can build probably enough to just inflice the deep wound again.


    Just because you need one.

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    GWOnline.Net Member yiyan's Avatar

    I like it but those might change a bit when Nightfall comes out and I agree with you on the deep wound issue. I would try to add mighty throw in. If they don't channge it or nerf the dmg, it could be a deadly spike agaiinst a deapwounded target.

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    Cruel has to hit a non-moving non-attack target. I tried it in PvP and tried to combine it with stunning strike and was getting mad cause my target was never dazed. Ended with merciless and used blaze to inflict daze since at <50% hp a deep wound is scary.

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    after the agrro is held in pve and not fleeing then you use it for it's greatness ;)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Hlub Koj's Avatar

    looks like a pretty good build

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    I'd run:

    Spear of Lightning
    Cruel Spear
    Glowing Signet
    Leader's Comfort
    Anthem of Flame
    Anthem of Fury
    Virulence [E]
    Res Sig

    Something like that. Or maybe a build with Fragility?

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    that looks like a cool build too, spear of lightning drains a lot of energy out of you though

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    Spear of Lightning
    Cruel Spear
    Glowing Signet
    Leader's Comfort
    Anthem of Flame
    Anthem of Fury
    Virulence [E]
    Res Sig

    Glowing Sig is there for a reason :)

    And you won't be spamming SoL like the R/Ps do. Maybe I could put in Vicious Strike instead of SoL and Mighty Throw instead of Cruel Spear?
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    mighty throw takes 3 seconds to activate, it really doesn't seem too worth it. Glowing signet is good, but with 2 pips i don't think even that will be able to pull off all that. Even if some other paragon was usuing aria of power to give you 4 pips it wouldn't be working because virulence is a spell. If you took barbed spear and had like 15 seconds of bleeding it would be probalby better since you could spread the bleeding around a bit better since you could then cap the degen on one foe while having 3 degen to others.

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