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    Is Water Magic Useless???????????

    i've been tryin to play water ele lately, but i can't seem to really deal any damage. with 16 water magic, i deal like 45 damage max with water trident and anything period, help please with water ele builds

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    GWOnline.Net Member Bobinator's Avatar

    Water magic was never intended to be the big damage line like the others. It has more utility and versatility in hexs and enemy movement manipulation than damage. Recently however, with the additions of Shatterstone (e) and Vapor Blade, water can do a bit of damage, though it will never match up with the other lines.

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    The post right below this one


    has my further thoughts on water magic, but the gist is this:

    1) Slow the enemy and hurt them
    2) Knock them over and hurt them
    3) Armor yourself and move faster

    Maelstrom creates a large area where spells are interrupted constantly over the course of 10 seconds. The poor caster, previously slowed by your Ice Spikes or Shard Storm, is now trying to hobble out of the area of effect, constantly getting knocked over by your Water Trident. It's a nice feeling.

    If you want sand-to-glass style nuking, seek ye elsewhere.
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    just to clarify, maelstorm's area is classified as adjacent, that is the smallest aoe area available in the current game system. It is by no means large.

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    It's Maelstrom

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    my guild leader uses a hydromancer to great success and as mentioned before they're not meant to be all out damage dealers

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    Great for damage mitigation, it helps your team's kiting by slowing offensive meleers. Great fire support skills, it helps your team's meleers by slowing enemy kiting.

    A couple of good running skills, and some annoying skills like Rust (9sec res sig FTW) and Blured Vision.

    The slowdown spells are so effective that in GvGs my guild has started to run the flag up to the oblisk flag stand in our home GH (meditation) first, then letting our emo runner waiting in base to run the returned flag into the tower with only a 20-25 second delay on their cap.

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    Thumbs up

    Water Magic can deal pretty solid damage- just don't expect it to be as high or spectacular as that of Fire or Air. But it's pretty dependable and nasty. Of the spammable "no recharge time" spells of Elementalists, Ice Spear deals the highest damage for such a small drawback.

    Instead, Water Magic is the utility magic line of Elemental magic. "Utility" as in "useful". It's full of versatile, flexible and adaptable tricks. As I said, it's got solid enough damage dealing, but it also has some defensive spells comparable to those from Earth Magic (even the only elite Ward spell in the game). While it has no direct interruption, it has disruption with anti-movement spells and a cheap Elite knockdown ranged spell (Water Trident). It's also got a lot of hexes, which allows it to work well with Necro skills.

    If you want to use Water Magic well, you gotta look further than just straightforward nuking. You gotta be smart, subtle. You should look into combining your Water Magic skills with those of other attributes. And it's not that hard to do. The usefulness of Water Magic spells really shine in the right situation.

    For example, Armor of Mist is already a solid defensive spell in combat, but what makes it better is you can use it to run your Elem through PvE areas thanks to its speed buff. Even if you cause monsters to aggro you, you can easily outrun them, while most of the damage they throw at you is dampened by AoM's armor buff.

    It's hard to be called a "nuker" when you're a hydromancer, but you will often prove to be one helluva dependable mage and team player. When I turned my Elem into a Water Mage, I knew I found my home.

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    It may not be a nuker, but with an air spiker on your team dropping Deep Freeze/Maelstrom into a group of casters before they get air spiked is pretty deadly, they have no method of healing at all.

    Never overlook Ice Spear... that spell is deadly overtime. If anything proves this better... go fight a group of Ice Imps with henchman.

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    How boring it would be to have four elemental nuke spells which has about same damage but different spell effects?


    Fire is mainly for area damage
    Air is mainly for single target damage
    Earth is mainly for defensive
    Water is mainly for movement control

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