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    Concept Class:Survivor


    After recieving a blow from many natural disasters, not to mention the fact that Elementalist have unbalanced the force of nature, Melandru is dying and her children are already perishing.Now Melandru's only surviving children must restore nature to balance these children are the Survivor's.With the power to manipulate nature without unbalancing it and the instincts of the many animals alive the Survivor is surely to restore balance.

    Primary Attribute:Endurance:This attribute increases the maximum health of the Survivor.This also boost the the skills that regenerate health for the Survivor.

    Chain Mastery:Increases basic chain damage as well as damage dealt by chain skills.

    Instinct:This attribute increases the chance to avoid attacks and this attribute boost skills that place conditions uppon opponents.

    Nature Prayers:This gives the Survivor the ability to manipulate the weather to there advantage.

    The Survivor has an armor rating of 80 max that it needs for frontline fighting.It has a low energy pool 20 and 2 pips and has a high health if you so choose to boost Endurance.The Survivor has a pool of energy much like Adreniline but where Adreniline increases for each hit you take, Concentration increases for each attack you evade.The Survivor's main weapon is the chain that does 21 blunt damage max but whats cool it you can pull off specail moves with certain skills.

    So now i want you to tell me if you like it or not ive been working on it for about 2 weeks and i want to log off cuz tommarows first day of school and ill put skills in if i dont have any homework lol.

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    i dunno... just in my opinion it seems too much like a ranger with some warrior aspects and from what we've seen in the past each new class, may have have some resemblences to various other classes but overall are quite radically different in most regards, but again just my opinion

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    Artistically, I'm thinking Kratos from God of War. Hunched, bare chest bare feet muscular brawler with tattered cloth or plant-based waist garment. Maybe a cast iron mask on the face.

    I'd assume many skills would be adrenal based? If not, the primary attribute should include some energy managment for the Nature Prayer skills. For example:

    For each point attribute point in Endurance, you gain energy equal to 3% of the adrenline strike cost each time you use an adrenline skill. (Always rounds up)

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    no dude it needs Endurance not only because it needed to survive the illness but because its a frontline fighter like the Warrior and Dervish so natuarally its primary has nothing to do with energy. also the story of melandru getting sick i kinda winged while i was writing this it could just be an ancient people who survive off nothing and it could have a different name.And also i designed this profession for a Australian theme.

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    ok heres an idea i came up with when i noticed nobody did this ill give some combination ideas.

    Survivor/Warrior:This is really good because the Warrior is a frontline fighter just like the Survivor and they both have low energy cost skills coupled with the Survivors Instincts they could avoid attacks while dishing damage, or use the Warrior's Tactics, or you could even use some of the Warrior's weapons.

    Survivor/Ranger:Another combo that seems to fit perfectly with the Ranger's background with nature.You could boost many skills and thered be a variety of options what with a pet, the chain that can in some skills do ranged attack,also you could boost several Survivor attributes to have a powerful combo.

    Survivor/Elementalist:This combo would be the perfect nature manipulating combo with power over the 4 elementary elements and the weather this could do staggering damage(when you have enough energy)you may run outa energy fast but not everything fits perfectly.

    Survivor/Necromancer:With the Survivor's high health (if you boost Endurance) then you could do major damage by sacrificing health for damage, also with blood magic your almost assured youll have mast amounts of health.

    Survivor/Mesmer:This would be a great combo with the Instincts boosted on the Survivor you could use the Mesmer's power of stealing energy and the ability to evade attacks (Instincts) that you could do imense damage while never being interrupted or running outta energy.

    Survivor/Monk:This works well for almost anything when it comes to staying alive but with Endurance your max health will be increases so you most likely will never have to heal but use you energy wisely you only have 20 max and 2pips.

    Im not gonna make combos of the new professions because you will not be able to combine them in any PvE and im not sure about PvP but i was wondering do you like it.Im giving skills in a few days.

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    Please Give Me Your Comments

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    Please give your replys like 112 people have seen this and none of you have reply'd please i need your feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitefire

    Primary Attribute:Endurance:This attribute increases the maximum health of the Survivor.
    How much? Not too much, other wise imbalanced, but if too low not useful.
    I think some 3-4 per rank would be balanced.

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    I can foresee going to the rune trader, and finding for sale a "Superior Rune of Endurance" for 100g.

    Considering the armor, and what Endurance, Instinct, and especially Concentration do, I can see a lot of S/? running builds popping up.

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    [snip]...what Endurance, Instinct, and especially Concentration do, I can see a lot of S/? running builds popping up.
    Although I agree we'll be swamped in Endurance + Instinct runners, we're swamped in runners already so I don't really care abut their class.

    Im foreseeing some problems though with people taking Survivor secondary just for Instincts which if I understand the description right, means you've got a passive chance to evade attacks; alot of people would just take Survivor secondary top put a few points in that to gain soem sort of bonus from their secondary (loads of builds don't use secondary skills so you might as well take one where any leftoverpoints=3% evasion). I don't think that'll work out.
    Also Rangers can keep up 75% evasion for about constanly quite eaisly (LR + Escape goes alongway), so those builds would gain massive Concentration.
    A downside of Concentration in comparison to Adrenaline is that you ahve to be attacked something you have little control over. If I see someone constantly evading my attacks, I'll switch targets and he won't evade, meaning that he'll gain no Concentrationa dn that he can't use any skills.

    So although I like the idea of a new type of 'Energy/Adrenaline' to fuel skills, I don't think concentration will cut it; maybe in PvE but not PvP (the reason I stuck to Energy and Adrenaline for my own classes is because it's hard to find one whihc is in balance with the two)

    Now although I find it strange that the Primary attribute is dependant on the lore it still doens't mean that it has to be Endurance, or that endurance has to have that particular effect; it could for example lessen the duration on Conditions/hexes wich is even in theme with the Strengths of Melandru which is against enchantments, hexes and conditions (not exactly correct but good enough).
    You could rename it Resilience. Or Melandru's Children. You could also say it gives a standard evasion chance and if you need to develop that into the story why not say that to preserve herself and Nature she went into hibernation and as a last task charged her Children to guard her and the Earth to help them? The Earth helps by making them evade attacks very logical I know ;P

    Anyways some rome for improvements but good enough; I'm also wondering how you'll help combat by changing weather? I was thinking of giving my Naturalist the same ability and it would work out much like the original plan was with Nature Rituals (basically something which effects everyone, verywhere in the entire level). But currently I'm leaning mroe towards plants so I'll skip that idea ;) I'm hoping for some skills to give me a better idea on what this class can do :)

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