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    Question about changing friendships with factions

    I made a character and got allied with the Kurziks. Now, I'd like to switch my alliance and get allied with Luxxon so that I can go back and do their missions and get that armor, ect. I'd like to know if this is possible, and how I can do it.

    Secondly, if the above isn't possible then is it possible for me to make a new character and ally that one with the luxxons?

    Thank you!

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    yes, when you chose to go with the kurzicks, the same guy that gave you the quest will be able to give you another quest to go befriend the luxons.

    unfortunately I can't remember the guys name or the town's name.......

    beware though: when you spend faction, it will also reduce any faction you have with the oposite group, so spend your kurzick faction before you start accumulating luxon faction.

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    The NPC's name is Jamei, and the town she's in is Maatu Keep. Go there, speak to her, and take the "Journey to Cavalon" quest from her.

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    Your character never really becomes allied with one or the other. That's your guild you are in. But even if you are in a guild that is Kurzick allied, you can still go with the Luxons (as others have stated). And I would like to express again how important it would be to get rid of all your current Kurzick faction before going over to the Luxons, or at least getting it lower than 1000.

    Just a side note, if you have the same amount of Luxon and Kurzick faction, that's when it depends on which side your guild is in, cuz that's the side that will talk to you

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