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    What are you wielding and where did you get it?

    Sorry for the noobish question, I have searched but didn't find anything.

    My equipment sucks, collectors and merchants seem to have so-so stuff to offer, and I haven't seen a decent drop in ages. So, to repeat the title:

    What are you wielding and where did you get it?

    (this is for a lvl20 prophecies PvE Necro, build varies with my mood)


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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Currently, my N/Me wields:

    Green - Blood Wand - winning Factions
    Green - Blood Totem - winning Factions (with a different character)

    Purple - Death Wand (max damage, 1/2 recharge time on death magic) - Thunderhead Keep
    Purple - Curse Wand (max damage, 1/2 recharge time on death magic, 1/2 faster cast time on curses, +10 energy) - Abadon's Mouth
    Purple - Soul Reaping Idol (+12 energy, 1/2 recharge time of all spells 10%)

    Normal - Idol (+12 energy - 10 lvl blood) Perdition Rock

    Had a Gold Staff of Domination and Gold Staff of Illusion - both max damage, both +10 energy, both found in Southern Shiverpeaks. Gold Idol +12 energy for Death Magic

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    GWOnline.Net Member boxterduke's Avatar

    Collectors have the best cheap equipment you can get without spending a fortune on a gold item of the same stats.

    Do not bother with any collectors before the desert.

    At the desert and sothern shiverpeaks, all the collectors have max items.
    Just get a collector weapon and then mod it yourself.

    Prices have dropped big time, I remember when +5 energy mod for a staff was 15k.
    You can get +5 energy mods for 1k each and then 20% enchant for 1k as well or +30 health. You can also find the +1 (to the attribute) 20% mods as well.

    Some people go for wand and off hand and there are lots of options from collectors as well.

    But to asnwer your question, I have a collector blood staff and I added a +5 energy and 20% enchants mods on it.
    I have a end game faction curses wand and an off hand curses collector from the desert.
    I also had a collector death staff moded but I farmed a necro boss in faction and got his green staff (Ghial Staff)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nathardia's Avatar

    Boxterduke makes a very good point, but you can do it even cheaper.

    * Morgriff's Staff, is a nice Death staff, and can be picked up cheap (2-4k).

    * Villnar's Staff, is a nice Curses staff, and can be picked up cheap as well (2-4k).

    * Kole's Torment, is a nice Blood staff, and this is a real bargain (1-2k).

    Picking up these greens is a lot cheaper than collectors + needed mods.

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    My necro uses green weapons for Death, Blood and Curse builds.

    Personally taken from the dead hand of bosses:

    - Morgriff's Scepter (Sorrow Furnace)
    - Milthuran's Staff (Rhea's Crater)
    - Ghial's Staff (Xaquang Skyway)

    Bought from other players:

    - Kole's Torment
    - Villnar's Glove
    - Bortak's Bone Cesta


    Wayward Wand (Curses) obtained in Divine Path when completing Factions - this replaced Villnar's Claw that I bought from someone.

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    I prefer 20/20 collectors, don't know why. Just get +4e and +28 hp instead. Only the mad rich care about 2hp (if it comes to that, you are dead anyway)

    Collectors wand and offhand for curses (get's that SS working overtime)
    Had Morgriff's, looked nice, but never used it. Use a 20/20 staff for death and blood now. Does the job, no one looks at it anyway.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    What am I using?
    Blood/hybrid builds: Kole's Torment
    Curses builds: 20/20 crafter wand + 20/20 collector focus
    Death builds: Ghail's Staff
    Always on switch: junky stormbow of junkiness

    What can you get cheaply in prophecies?
    Blood: Kole's Torment is very cheap; you can pick it up for a couple k.
    Curses: Get the 20/20 collector focus yourself and ask a friend with factions to make you a 20/20 wand in exchange for the materials. (If you can't find anyone, send me a PM and I'll do it for you.)
    Death: Get a friend with factions to get you both the 20/20 crafter wand (same place as the curses wand) and the 12 energy/20% of +1 death/+30 life collector focus. Finding or buying the pulsating growths for the focus can take some time and effort, so you'll probably have to pay your friend a k or 2 to go get it.
    Bow switch: Just use any old longbow variant. Since you have no marksmanship, the stats don't matter at all.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Endamir's Avatar

    Bought: Bortak's Bone Staff. (death 20/20, energy +5, AL+7 vs physical)
    Found: Woespreader (death 20/20, hp +60), Zodiac Scepter (curses, energy +5^50)

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    20/20 Wand + 20/20 Offhand for Death Magic, or use a +5/HCT(20%)
    20/20 Wand + 20/20 Offhand for Curses, or use Villnars Glove
    HSR(20%) + 20/20 Offhand for Blood, or use Gordac's Hook Blood (+1, HSR)

    -50 Cesta :)

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    Ghail Staff, Walmart (bought from others for 28k, prices have really plummeted in the last few weeks with all the farming going on).

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