1 year ago, I was ready to quit playing Guild Wars. I had no guild, nor many people on my "friends" list. While I was browsing the forums, I saw a post about a guild called “Heroes of Talia”. The post was so enticing that I wanted to find out more, so I checked out the site and applied for membership.
THAT WAS IT! My interest in Guild Wars was instantly raised back to a very high level. What I encountered once I joined was a very warm welcome from everyone. The forums were well organised and I could find any information I needed for my adventures in Tyria. Help was always there for the more difficult missions and quests. I learned so many things from the veterans…
After a few weeks I was introduced to GvG when I participated in one of the GvG School nights. A whole new aspect of the game was open for me to explore! Build creation and testing became my new addiction. Not to mention the joy we all felt when we won! And we are pretty good at it! We finished the last season ranked 328.
But what if I wanted to PvE instead? What I could do then? SO MANY THINGS indeed! :

1. Hunts of the Week (We call them HoTW)
2. PvE events
3. Contests
4. Chat over our TS server

At random times we had bonus events. When I participated to some of these events, stronger bonds were created between the various guild members.

During the Faction Preview Event, our teamwork was marvellous once again. HoT controlled a city for the whole weekend, as we were one of the top 5 guilds in terms of our Standing on the Luxon side.

9 months have passed from the moment I joined HoT and now all I can say is that I could have never imagined that an online community with 60+ members with a common interest could offer so many magnificent hours of gaming experience. The most important of all was the fact that the people I met are mature and always eager and ready to help. HoT is a guild that relies upon each member’s willingness to actively participate and offer their knowledge and time in order for all to enjoy Guild Wars as much as possible. We don’t forget that it’s a game and we all want to have as much fun as possible.

If you liked what you read above about my personal experience at HoT and want to be part of it, then all you have to do is visit www.gwhotguild.com.

Everyone is accepted as long as they can communicate in English. HoT is a European based guild but its membership is global, with members ranging from Southeast Asia to Canada, Finland to Greece.

Hope to see you online,

IGN: Dark Wrathchild
HoT PvP Officer