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    Halves Skill Casting limit?

    I got an offhand with HSR.
    My question is: is there a lower limit?
    An skill has casting time of 1/2 sec, would HSR make ir 1/4 of a sec?
    Or an skill with 1/4sec would be 1/8 sec...
    Thank you!

    EDIT: I know that 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 are basicly the same thing to us, but I really would like to know.

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    there is no lower limit as far as i know. Spells with 1/4 cast time get cast at 1/8 if the item effect kicks in.
    Keep in mind that the half cast time only applies to spell type skills. It is also a bit of a gamble since at best it has a 20% chance.
    Using two items does not give you a 40% chance either. There might be some post that calculates your chances with two items of that kind.

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    doesnt HSR stand for halves spell recharge ?, in which case it wont change the casting time only the recharge time?

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    sry I meant HCT

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    For half recharge there is a lower limit 50% for combined skills, though individual skills can exceed this. Currently there is no lower limit to reducing casting time.

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    For skill recharge at least, and I assume it applies to casting time also, if you hold two items, a wand and offhand, that both have a 20% chance of halfing recharge, what you get in total is a 32% chance that you half recharge, *and* a 4% chance that you quarter recharge.

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    It used to be that way until the July 13th Update:

    Quote Originally Posted by www.guildwars.com/support/gameupdates


    • Lowered the cap for Healing Reduction to 40%. *
    • Lowered the cap for Recharge Reduction to 50%. *
    • You can no longer be knocked down immediately after you respawn from a resurrection shrine.
    * Note: like all reduction caps, these only affect the cap from multiple sources. Any single skill that exceeds this cap will still work. Thus, skills such as Lingering Curse or Ritual Lord still gain their full effect.
    The big question for me is how they handled mutiple sources of rechage reduction acting together. Did they change the probabilities so that multiple sources are mutually exclusive (i.e. with two 20% reduction mods you have 40% chance of half rechage) or did they just change how it handles when both kick in at the same time (i.e. you have 36% of half rechage where it used to be 32% half, 4% quarter recharge).

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    Ok, while you can no longer get 1/4 spell recharge from 2 20/20, you *can* get 1/4 casting time.

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