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    What is the fastest way from Lion's Arch to Vasburg Armory?

    I've got a Prophecies character with some major hours down. (Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer) I just got Factions and I don't really want to play the entire game in Factions though. I'm planning on making a new character to start in Factions for real play.

    The thing is, I want to get my Proph character to Vasburg Armory to get 15k armor. Is there a easy way to do this? like a list of quests I can skip, or the least quests I can take and when I can just run to the location?

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    I'm afraid that Anet made running immpossible as you must DO each quest or else you will not progress.

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    Lets see, you have to do Visnah square(forign quarter), Nahpui quarter, Tahnaki temple, arborstone, borleas seabed, sunjuin quarter, and eternal grove, along with every primary quest on the way, at least one between each mission, and "Befriend the kurzicks" (get 10k kurzick faction) before eternal grove.

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    Oh, it's simple

    Someone asked that already in the Factions PvE forum. All you have to do, from Kaineng City (where you arrive when you go from Tyria to Cantha) is:

    You need to do the quest you get as soon as you arrive in Cantha, from the guy on the docks. From there, you'll reach on:

    1) Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter), cooperative mission.

    After doing that, you'll arrive in a new outpost. Get the quest there, walk outside and talk to Master Togo. Keep walking until you reenter the Byway, and go south until you meet Nika. Talk to her, and you'll get a new quest. Go to the Marketplace and to into the Bazaar from there. Follow the quest arrow, and you'll talk to a guy near the entrance, and then fight a few Jade Guild enemies. After that just go across the map o the south, when you'll reach:

    2) Nahpui Quarter, cooperative mission.

    After doing that you'll be in a new outpost. Again, get the quest there, and go outside through the north exit. Go all the way east until you arrive in a new zone, and keep going east until you find a closed gate. Talk to the guy there, and Mhenlo will appear. Follow him (careful, we won't follow you - you have to follow him) and he'll lead you to some enemies you'll have to kill. Fight them, and go back to the gate with Master Togo. Then you'll arrive in:

    3) Tahnnakai Temple, cooperative mission.

    After you do it, you'll arrive in a new outpost. Get the quest there, go back into the Temple through the Explorable Area, talk to the Emperor, go back to the outpost and you'll get another quest. Exit through the douth path and go south east, you'll find a new NPC, Danika. Talk to her, and go back to the Temple mission area. From there go south, until you reach a new outpost, Maatu Keep. From there go south, listen to the NPC conversation, and go south-west and you'll reach a new outpost. Keep going south west after it, and you'll find a guy standing by some weird aparatus. Talk to him, and you'll be taken to:

    4) Arborstone, cooperative mission.

    After you do it, you'll be in a new outpost. Take the quest there, go back to Maatu Keep, and now head south east all the way. You'll eventually reach a closed gate and, after you talk to the guy there, you'll enter:

    5) Boreas Seabed, cooperative mission.

    After you do that, you'll be in a new outpost. Take the quest there, go back to Maatu Keep, and walk outside. Listen to the conversation there, and go back to the Keep. From there, exit through the north way and follow the quest arrow, it will take you to a closed gate. Talk to the gate keeper, go back to Kaineng Center and from there to the Pavillion. Talk to the Emperor, go back to Maatu Keep, and go back to the closed gate. You'll be allowed in this time, and you'll reach...

    6) Sunjiang District, cooperative mission.

    Do it, and you'll be back at the Maatu Keep. Talk to Jamei there and choose the Kurzicks. You'll then have to go back to the Kurizck outpost you reached after doing Arborstone, and from there you'll be allowed into House zu Heltzer, and the Kurzick area.

    Talk to Count zu Heltzer, and take the Befriend the Kurzicks quest. Now you'll need 10.000 Kurzick Faction. You can get those from the following quests:

    Journey to Cavalon: 250
    Charting the Forest: 500
    Song and Stone: 1000
    Artistic Endeavors: 750
    The Beak of Darkness: 750
    Wardens On the March: 750
    The Ancient Forest: 750
    The Experimental Weaponsmith: 750
    Discord Wallow Lyre: 750
    Melodic Gaki Flute: 750
    Rhythm Drinker Drum: 750
    Envoy of the Dredge: 750
    Temple of the Dredge: 750
    Revolt of the Dredge: 750
    A New Escort: 750

    Securing Echovald Forest: 400
    In the Army Now (Kurzick): 400
    Kurzick Supply Lines: 400
    Duel of the Houses: 400
    Scouting Ferndale: 400

    And you can do Alliance Battles, or the Jade Quarry, or the other PvPvE are, for more faction. Keep in mind you don't need to do all of the above to get 10k faction, so choose what you want to do.

    After you have all of it, talk again to Count zu Heltzer and he'll give you a new quest. After you do that one, you'll be allowed into:

    7) The Eternal Grove, cooperative mission.

    And then, after you do that, you'll reach the Vasburg Armory


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    Alternatively you can gain your faction with another character or through PvP and leave it unspent until you get to the befriend the kurzicks quest

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