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    game suddenly minimizes to taskbar

    Lately, I've been having a problem where the game (running in full screen mode) will suddenly minimize to the windows taskbar. I then have to click on the process in the taskbar to return to full screen, and then all is normal again. I'm not sure if this problem is in Guild Wars, or some background program I'm running (i.e. firewall), but it sure affects my gameplay when it happens at a critical moment!

    My firewall is Zone Alarm (free) and my anti-virus program is AVG (free). My current thoughts are that something is connecting to the internet as I'm playing, and it forces me back to the desktop when it does so. However, this is a recent occurence, maybe within the past few weeks, as I have not had this problem in the past. It's possible that a recent patch (to Guild Wars or maybe these security programs) could have added a new "feature." I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.

    BTW, I know some people will suggest running GW with no firewall. I don't feel comfortable doing this, even though it might help with the investigation process. I'm hoping that someone has an answer from a similar experience, so that I don't have to resort to this.

    Thank you!

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    It sounds like something is taking the focus away from GuildWars.. I run AVG as well as ZoneAlarm with no issues like that.

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    I've had the same problem, plus I've noticed the top bar in Firefox flicker occasionially, as though focus has been momentarily taken away from this. Firefox doesn't minimize though. I'm also running the free versions of ZoneAlarm and AVG.

    I have wondered whether this was a problem with either Xfire or Google Desktop. I'm now running without GDesktop to see if this makes a difference.

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    Are you using ObjectDock too? I had that problem and found I had to switch off a setting there...

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    I had that same problem with GW minimizing all by itself, right after setting the Windows Clock to "Automatically synchronize with an Internet timer server." After I unchecked the box, it hasn't ever happened again.

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    My clock is set to synchronise, with time.windows.com, and I don't beleive I've changed it in the last year. I suppose it could be interacting with something else though, that has been updated recently.

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    Do you have any other programs set to automatically access the internet? For me it was only the clock, but there are other programs out there with that option. (I know Windows Media Player is one of them.)

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    sometimes ths happens to me when i am holding down the ALT key to look for items and also hitting the TAB key to change targets. so yeah, basically i ALT-TAB out of guild wars on accident

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    Anything running that pops up a message from the taskbar or system tray will minimize a full screen application(game). Nothing that connects to the internet will minimize GW without popping up a window saying that it's doing something. A full screen application will be dropped to the desktop if something else needs to display information to you about an update, virus, cookie intercept, instant message, finished download, etc.

    If your firewall asks you if you want to accept a cookie, that will minimize GW, If your AV pops up a window saying that it caught something, that will minimize GW, If someone PM's you in an Instant Messenger program that will minimize GW, If Windows gets an update and tells you it's ready, that will minimize GW, If you accidentally push the 'windows' button, that will minimize GW, etc.

    And honestly on a personal computer a firewall is only going to protect you against stuff that is already on your computer from 'sending' your information to someone. So unless you pissed off a hacker you don't need one as most good hackers are after the 'big score' of using corporate networks to do their bidding. Oh, and those of you that have a router, it already has a firewall in it.

    But for the paranoid or those that don't know how to surf the net safely, update your firewalls, AV software, browser, popup blocker, spyware scanners/blockers, windows/linux, and do so frequently :) About once a week all of those is updated.

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    Thanks for all the ideas so far.

    When the game minimizes, there are no popups visible on the screen. I wish there were - it would help point to the culprit!

    And I had also considered the possibility that I hit ALT-TAB or the WIN key, but one time, the game minimized while I had stopped playing to take a drink. My hands weren't on the keyboard! LOL

    I'll use msconfig to see what else is running. I check that often, and I don't recall seeing anything different (I try not to have many things startup by default). But it could be that a recently-patched program is now behaving differently.

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