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    Release Guilds From Faction Tied Alliances


    Thank you that we were able to form alliances - many have and love them.

    However with the eve of Nightfall would it be possible that Alliances arent restricted to only allying with guilds of the same faction?

    For all that selecting a faction is almost pointless yet the benefits of a alliance will stem in to every chapter - the alliance being tied to either kurzick or luxon simply so they can AB is/will be old fashioned and somewhat immaterial.


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    You make a good point, as more Chapters are released the Luxon/Kurzick conflict will become less and less relevant.

    Unless of course, it is somehow tied into each subsequent chapter (like what happened in Lions Arch just prior to Factions being released.)

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    Man... I hadn't even thought about that. Maybe they already have something in mind, though.

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    Alliances is a factions-specific system, so no, let it be only that.

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    Alliances do seem Factions-specific, but alliance chat has opened up a whole new world for those looking to form groups.

    Even a sizable guils may only have a few people playing at any given time, but multiply that by 8 and you have a decent network from which to draw on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarbonBasedLifeform
    Alliances is a factions-specific system, so no, let it be only that.
    But you don't have to own Factions to participate in an alliance or have your guild join an alliance, right?

    Granted, if two guilds don't care about the faction system that much (i.e. they play more Prophecies or Nightfall), then they probably wouldn't mind changing their faction to form an alliance. And if no one in the guild owns Factions at all, they can't ally with a faction, and as such are (I think) eligible for any alliance, right?

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    I want balh faction alliances. It's upped for every balth faction you spend.

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    The problem is that (to the best of my knowledge) until you side with a faction you are unable to ally with any other guilds. In order to side with a faction, you need to get to that faction's capital town, which means the guild leader needs to own factions. While it's possible to get someone else to take control of your guild to do the aligning for you, I can imagine it seeming boarderline rude to be forced to buy another chapter so you can be part of an alliance - especially if it's an ancient chapter (for example the current system still being used 2 years from now). I'd be as bold as to compare it to needing to own prophecies to start a guild :S.

    Anyway it will need to be changed, maybe not now but definately once time passes and players who own factions are relatively few. I guess this raises the question of 'should alliances be a universal feature rather than chapter specific'.... It's pretty obvious what I think the answer to that one is :P.

    Back on topic with the OP, as GW Factions dies out it will seem silly to maintain the requirement for allied guilds to have the same faction and I believe will eventually get changed. I doubt it will happen before the release of chapter 4 though and would put money on it not changing until the release of chapter 5 or later.
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    This is especially interesting for those who buy Nightfall and do not even HAVE Factions.

    One more reason why I deem this whole Faction War concept utterly failed and flawed.

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    I agree. ANet needs to scratch it's head and have a rethink on alliances. A good feature, corrupted by a flawed game concept.

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