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    Trouble with my Mesmer at Ring of Fire

    I have a Me/N that just isn't pulling his weight in the Ring of Fire mission. I'm not asking for a build per se, but I'd like to know if anyone recommeds playing him a certain way. Should he be a shut-down mesmer? If so, what kind? Energy Denial? Spell Blocker? Interrupt? I have the most trouble with the Fire Imps. Some one told me to go Minion Master but I have trouble keeping more than 5 bone horrors up at once. Any advice?

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    GWOnline.Net Member GrimShade's Avatar

    Ring of fire is where they like mezmers, aren’t you finding that you can easily find a group now?

    Well Imps love to shoot off spells, and last time I backfired one it killed it self real quick. Since they also pack some nasty things, Cry of Frustration is wonderful to interrupt all of them. It just has a higher energy cost and longer re-charge. If you are having real issues with them go for the every hated Chaos storm to scatter them and keep them from casting for a while. Chaos storm causes AoE flee so be careful how you use it, mostly use it as a defensive skill, or on Seals.

    Wastrals worry. Bosses, which you will fight lots of, have half the duration of Hex’s so Wastrals triggers in half the normal time. Soul Barbs + WW is a devastating combo for Bosses, and a M/N can cast them both.

    I won’t give you builds, but take a look at those skills and think what you can do with them. Don’t stand in the Seals and enjoy killing!

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    GWOnline.Net Member moenbase's Avatar

    Anything anti-melee/ranged or anti-spellcaster would be excellent.
    There's a monk boss who'd love to spam Orison's. Diverse it, interupt it, blackout it, backfire it. Whatever you do do it with style 'cause Mesmers are number one in that.
    And don't forget to capture Energy Surge(?) and Migraine along the way.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Endamir's Avatar

    When I played a mesmer, the best strategy that worked for me was Spell-Denial. I took along about 4 interrupts with me and my main skill: Power Block [elite] (You can cap it in Perdition Rock IIRC). With just Power Block you can easily shutdown any spellcasting from imps as all they have are fire spells. It also works wonderfull on the Mursaat.

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    Try Arcane Echo Powerblock

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    GWOnline.Net Member deya's Avatar

    12 Curses
    Rest divided in fast casting and inspiration
    Spiteful Spirit
    Arcane Echo
    Power Drain
    Spirit of Failure
    Reckless Haste

    blabla, grab henchies with this build and you should be sorted.

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    Aye, these are all fine ideas, but should I bring Mantra of Flame? Or should I concentrate on NOT GETTING HIT (by fire)?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Dammerung's Avatar

    Monk shut down is the big one here, Monk boss that spams healing can ruin many group's day.
    Diversion is a good start, Arcane Thievery is pretty useful as well even though it is rather random, but it can also be useful against imps, mursaat caster and seals.
    If you are good with interrupt bring a few along, and Wastrel's Worry is the best boss killer here.

    As for the mantra, it really depends, even though the place is call Ring of Fire the most common fire damage you'll face is imps and imps are really not all that common unless you take the longer route. Mursaat and Ether seals both uses lightning instead.

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    Wastrels Worry and backfire where the spells I used most there.

    Backfire one imp, move onto the next. The imp will kill itself. As soon as backfire is ready to load again, backfire a fresh imp.

    Wastrel the boss, spam it, and the boss will be dead.

    I also took some other interrupts. I ran an almost pure domination build. As I don't have that many elites yet, I had Energy Surge as my elite.
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    I agree with Dammerung, diversion and arcane thievery / larceny are both very useful shutdown skills, particularly for Willa the Unpleasant. As others have said wastrel's worry is a great skill to take in Prophecies because of the reduced duration of hexes on bosses (side note, wastrel's can be combined with soul barbs from the curses line for excellent damage output). I would also take drain enchantment so you can remove aura of the lich from the risen ashen hulks.

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