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    Seeking an RP Guild

    Currently I have a lvl 5 (or 6, I'm at work and I forgot...) Ele/Ra who is a concept toon that I have created and she will soon have a Nec/? evil twin brother. I'm mostly adverse to the PvP aspects of any game (I know, GW is all about that, but I like it cause it's pretty) and I was wondering if anyone has a RP guild out there that could use a good member (in terms of RP, not gameplay. I'm new and still learning)? I appreciate the advice that I am sure is to follow.

    Thank you all!

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    Wintersbane is always looking to have new Roleplayers in our ranks ... I sent to a PM with more details .. But here's our website..


    Also if you want you contact myself ( Rastain Monsaic) or Azzorrian Darkaven ingame at any time ( well as long as we are logged in. I guess is the only restricting factor to the "any time" comment )

    We Roleplay we try to enjoy all aspects of the game .. and we try to create a family like community .. Our guild has been around for years in different games etc as well ...

    Well check out the PM and stop by the webbsite if you are interested


    Good Luck in yer search !

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    Celtic Highland Warriors at http://z9.invisionfree.com/GuildWarsCHW
    We are a small guild with an international alliance, so there are players and characters of all levels.

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