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Thread: 2 accounts??

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    2 accounts??

    basically i got the orignal guild wars and every1 was on about factions so i got that online, and basically its set up a new account with my plaync account and i dont want it 2 so what should i do? i dont want 2 accounts i either want 1 or the other with both on...
    any1 got a suggestion?

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    If you are ordering factions through the in-game store (ie you are already logged on with your old GW account when you enter the store), then factions will be added to your old GW account.

    Of course to order something through the in-game store you will also need to create a plaync account, which is a shopping account and should not be confused with your GW account. The plaync account you only use to shop in the ingame store, not to play the game.

    At least that is how it should work, I have not bought factions in-game, but I have bought extra character slots in-game.

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    kk but i didnt put nething in about my plaync account just 2 get the key but when i tried adding the key 2 my current account it just sed the key is used so i tried my plaync account n it worked just iwith factions on

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    had to read your message several times before I could make any sense out of that..

    However if I understand you well, you bought factions in-game, while logged in on your prophecies-only account. After buying factions in-game you did not have access to factions with your existing account, but you are now able to log in with your plaync account (different email from your original prophecies only account), and have access to factions only on this account?

    Not quite what was expected and I think you should contact Anet support to help you further.

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    how do i do that?

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    this is a fan site not the Guild Wars official site, have a look at www.guildwars.com

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