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    Thank you ANet - now I get 013 error

    Well its nice that after 27000 file update my game is broken.
    It really makes me wonder why I have two accounts and two pre-orders and two CE editions of factions and two pre-orders of nightfall...

    Its always a good idea to peeve off your core customers... very smart.
    Hire some people with understanding of netcode. Perhaps increase your servers and your server bandwidth.

    I don't know, I'm not a multi-million dollar company trying to make money.

    ps. This is only on my EU based account, as my US account works like a charm. Have ANet learned nothing from the Factions release? Come on. Jack yourselves up man. Fix the issues.

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    I agree!!! This sucks big time!!!

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    Well... Don't blame them for trying to get this updates over kickly, they are trying hard to make sure we have a great event in the next week.

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    what really annoys me is you guys on here what would you do if you played wow and they did the down server for a few hours huh. you know all i see is people complaning on here its getting annoying there isnt need. you complain when they dont change things and you complain when they do thats what is really **** with you lot. the fact ive never had problems with joining guild wars servers or getting er 7 makes it even better for me.
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    You know, coming from other MMOs, Guild Wars has surprisingly little downtime...ever. I'm sorry you're having issues, but you still have an account that is working, so play that one.

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    Just try to connect one more time! Server you were usualy connected to is rebooting so stop this noobish crap!

    THIS IS YOUR PAYMENT FOR FREE GAMING!!! If you want less ping, less drops play MMORPG with monthly fee.

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    Sigh... Try having a look at the uptime of MMOs with a monthly price tag. Sometimes, when there's big updates, things may break.

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    Easy there, tigers. Having problems with the game is no fun for anyone, especially when it is outside of your control. And free gaming is no excuse for problems. Nor is having a problem an excuse for being overly anything.

    Code=013 usually indicates a problem with the server. (Hauled this one out of bugs and into Technical as this is where server error codes go) The European Servers have the lion's share of problems recently which will explain why your American account is still perfectly functional.

    Remember that they are rolling out a new update now and with the growing popularity of Guild Wars in Europe and the World Preview Event being open to anyone they are probably under a fair amount of load at the moment. It will subside once the update is fully rolled out.

    My best suggestion to you is to report the incident to NCSoft support, attach the results of a diagnostic run (gw.exe -diag) and then play on your American account for a bit. This gives them the information they need to help track it down and the more customers actually report the problems the more incentive / visiblity they get on the problem.

    That's a good thing, btw. They can't fix it if they don't know about it or if they believe it to be isolated to a few customers.

    And usually, Err=013 gets resolved within a few hours.

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