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    More dynamic lights

    if they are going to use bump mapping in nightfall (which it already looks like), why not show off the effect with dynamic lights when spells are cast and enchantments are on someone?

    the light would be the colour of the spell's profession in casting time and enchantments would be white with a tint of the colour of the enchantments profession.

    if projectiles are being sent out, those should have dynamic lights too!

    (don't forget the fire distortion on the ele's fire spells :D)

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    So, if a necro, monk, ele, and ritualist decide to throw enchantments on the same target.... that would make the target one giant orb of rainbow colors?

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    I was so thinking of this the other day. its alwys pissed me off that in GW lightning doesnt effect the area around it. Look at the teleporters in the AB, they're super briht yet nothing else glows. Be nice if they could fix that, or at least make it an option as itd be slower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avoc
    So, if a necro, monk, ele, and ritualist decide to throw enchantments on the same target.... that would make the target one giant orb of rainbow colors?
    i think it should just stay white with enchantments from different professions. with each enchantment you have on you, the brighter the light becomes :p

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    aehm, you dont leally look at it.

    Enchant white light disk if being orbited by symbol of classes from which your enchants are originated.

    green on left is necro enchant symbol, purple or right is messmer enchant symbol, they both circle you:

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    we need dynamic lights to show off the bump mapping

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    if U put the dynamic lights in, why not better shadows cast from trees for example, why not use Unreal 3 engine also...and so on... anyway, that would maybe make the game look better, but also increase the hardware demands, optimization and so on... since it's working perfectly the way it is I wouldn't change it for some visual effects. I'm like a reborn man since I can play a game that looks like something new AND I can minimize it normaly to windows.....

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    most pcs won't take a performance hit from dynamic lights and they are easy to do.

    or we could just update the whole game so we can have playstation graphics. the game would still work perfectly after that.

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    As long as you can switch off the extra eyecandy without the game looking any worse than now, I'm fine with extra eyecandy.

    I'm running GW on max quality and I like it the way it is. Dynamic lights, etc, are nice, but if they impact the performance, I want an option to switch them off without the game looking worse than before they were added.

    Most game engines don't scale quality nicely at all. Either the performance is unreasonably bad at lower quality levels or anything but the maximum quality level looks utterly crap. "Advanced" settings tend to avoid that problem (at least the latter one), though.

    It's reasonable to ask for more prettiness as the game ages, but it shouldn't affect anyone negatively. I have other hobbies as well, and I can't and am not willing to afford to update my hardware every so often just to keep up with the eyecandy requirements.

    (I'm serious here, btw. If I had to update my game box, I'd have to replace all major components at once and I really don't have that kind of money to burn right now, especially considering most game engines that are performance hogs are so for no reason other than that nobody cared about optimisation. Even if I had the money, there are other things higher on my list than my gaming box).

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    Even diablo2 uses dynamic lighting (and does it well although nobody seems to notice).

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