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Poll: Do you think that they should include a 1 v 1 arena in the next GW expansion?

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    Should they include a Dueling / 1 v 1 Arena?

    Since the creation of guild wars people have been wanting to be able to prove the superiority of their build of A) Thier primary class versus other characters with the same primary class, and B) Their Character Versus other random single opponents. Pretty much every other good MMorpg out there has a way to /duel the annoying brat that keeps braging about how much better his make is than yours... Its time to let him put his money where his mouth is.
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    you can pretty much scrimage in a guild hall 1v1 already.

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    you know whats funny is alpha servers already have a 1v1 arena but i think its only for alpha

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    Yer, to test the skills if there is a bug.

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    GWOnline.Net Member kagie's Avatar

    there will only be cookiecutterbuilds like the toucher, wammos, etc..

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    GWOnline.Net Member Erasculio's Avatar



    Quote Originally Posted by telepath
    Pretty much every other good MMorpg out there has a way to /duel the annoying brat that keeps braging about how much better his make is than yours...
    And now you would replace those by the annoying brats who think that their Mending + Hundred Blades build pwns all because he managed to defeat one player with it. No, thanks

    Guild Wars has not been balanced as an 1 vs 1 game, neither do I think it should be, considering how it's a team based game (despite some solo farmers' complains). It would simply not be balanced for a 1 vs 1, and such PvP mode would only serve to frustrate some players and inflate the ego of others.

    Besides, there's already 1 vs 1 - do a Guild Hall scrimage and you'll be able to 1 vs 1 just fine.


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    GWOnline.Net Member mikevrk's Avatar

    new suggestion: 2vs2 arena :) lol :)

    me thinks duo-builds are much better than solo-builds

    and btw exploring and doing quests duo are FUN :) (isnt' that what the games ARE FOR ???)

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    Duel: Yes
    Rewards: None

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    If you wanna duel someone, invite them into your hall, scrimmage them, meet them in the center by the flag and fight, there you have a 1v1 fight.

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    I think that would be a good idea >.< I'm tired of people saying i suck as a necro because i'm not support/ss/mm... I don't think it should be just an arena either... i think you should be able to duel anyone, anytime ( eg. type /duel bob, and you and bob get teleported to the duel arena for a match, after which, you get teleported back to where you were) Maybe instead of rewards, you can get progress towards a "duel arena" title. Or get your rewards after X wins (5, 10 ect.) Also maybe increasing recharge and casting times of skills and making some skills "illegal" in the arena would be a good idea.

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