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    All Elonian mesmer event

    As we all Know, next weekend is the Nightfall preview event and most of us will be out testing all the shiny new stuff in Elonia. this means that there may not be an all memar event for next week end....but I propose that it still goes ahead as the first Elonian all mesmer event.

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    i don't know if much mesmers will come,maby everybody wants to check out nightfall -notwith mesmer- so will be busy in the weekend and not showing up at the event- but we will see i guess?

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    I would be willing to attend something like this. I was planning on making a mesmer for the NPE anyway.

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    btw - id love if the event took place in some of the early levels. since i have an exam on monday ill be studying 'a bit' during the weekened so i know that i wont be that far in the game. and i can imagine it would give all those that make a darvi/para as their main preview char the chance to to join if it would mean that they only need to play a messy for a bit to get to the gathering place. just something to chew on for those that will reach the end of the game on the first day

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    I won't be around for the weekend. I'll be on in the wee hours of Friday morning, and the final hours on Sunday, but otherwise I'll be out of town. I'll have my laptop with me, but I'm not sure of my connectivity. In any event, my laptop sucks, and I can't play on it extensively, so I may just be playing with the PVP creation screen or standing around all lonely on the boat.

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