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Thread: Guild Wars

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    is the game good i might get it for my birthday

    an i may need ppl to show me how to play

    and about how many ppl play guild wars
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    It's an awesome game - very well spent money, super enjoyable.

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    GWOnline.Net Member nubnub's Avatar

    Doing some basic math, I came up with 1.3 million players on Guild Wars.

    xfire stats: minutes played this week
    World of Warcraft 3,946,463
    Guild Wars 814,007

    Knowing that WoW has about 6.7 million subscribers as of July '06, I just did a little math.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Drec Sutal's Avatar

    In the future if you do decide to play GW and continue to use these forums, there is an "edit" button on you post that you can use to add to your post for the first hour after you post. It would be awsome if you tried to refrain from double posting (2 consecutive posts, nobody else posting between them) while the edit feature is still availible (One hour).

    Oh, and yes the game is awsome (you're on a GW fan forum, not going to get many "no" anwsers). And I belive there are quite a few more then 2 million accounts, not all of which are active (your account never dies even if you stop playing). Good luck and have fun!

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    Samurai Jax
    You don't say what type of game your looking for so here's a general run of GW

    GW is a very action oriented RPG, with more enthesis on customization than on lvl'ing your character (takes about a week to get the max lvl of 20)

    There's a heavy focus on multi-player with little solo content, though its possible to do much of the story driven campaign with A.I. controlled bots called henchmen

    The mean gameplay element of GW resolves around choosing which skills (abilities which range from simple attacks to defencive abilities) to take into a fight (max of 8 at a time) and then putting those skills to use

    While the campaign is fun, it can feel repetitive at times. The player v player part of the game is, without a doubt the strongest part of, offering quick and simple Arena's (4v4) the more long term commitment of guild v guild (8v8) and the alliance battle's in Guild wars: factions (12v12)

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    Thx for the answers

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    GW has hit 2 mil players.

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