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    Two Npc suggestions

    1.) Make a weapon upgrade merchant, because I need some good upgrades, and I would rather pay slightly more money than spend days searching for them.

    2.) Guild Emblemer in the guild hall. I mean, really, this should be in there, why not, it makes sense. Oh, make officers in the guild able to change the cape. Yea, that would be good.

    What other Guild Npcs would be good to add?

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    The only issues I have with the weapon upgrade trader are :

    * There are many mighty upgrades which will be worthless to a trader NPC ; based on the rune market, you can be pretty sure that Domination Magic +1 (20%) will never be popular enough to rise above minimum price.

    * Exactly what upgrades should the NPC offer ; presumably not every different point/% of every different upgrade, as this would run to hundreds of items ?
    But the trader will ever be low on stock if only perfect upgrades can be traded...
    And exactly who would ever want to buy a Staff Wrapping Of Enchantments 14% ?

    I suppose that overall, I would assume that weapon upgrade collectors/crafters/priests are more practical to implememt.

    Guild Emblemer, definitely.

    Other Guild NPCs to contemplate :

    * Canthan Ambassador ( for changing Guild Hall isle ).
    * Sigil Trader ( also for changing Guild Hall isle, or selling Sigils if a pro ).

    * 'Common' Rare Material Crafter ( e.g. Leather Squares, Parchment ).
    * 'Rare' Rare Material Crafter ( e.g. Elonian Leather Squares, Vellum ).

    * Champion Of Balthazar ( for entrance to Fissure Of Woe ).
    * Voice Of Grenth ( for entrance to Underworld ).

    * Faction Rewards ( trading points for Amber or Jade ).
    * Fireworks Master ( only post-Factions when town possession diminishes ).
    * Tamer ( I assume it is still possible to tell you have a pet even when not visible ).

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    Methinks that adding a fireworks master to the guildhall would be a very awesome idea. My guild is having a party for our 1 year anniversary and this would be a welcome addition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walks With Angels
    * Champion Of Balthazar ( for entrance to Fissure Of Woe ).
    * Voice Of Grenth ( for entrance to Underworld ).
    The only problem i see with this is that there are some guilds that have members from both america and europe, so there is kind of a prob in the champion of balthazar and the voice of grenth.

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