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    Did something happen to the henchies?

    Pardon me if I am a little slow with updates (I do know that there are a few huge updates lately), but it seems to me that the AI for Factions henchies have been tweaked.

    I came back to GW after a 1 month break and have decided to capture all my ranger elite skills in Factions. And so I gathered the henchies and set out for the journey.

    Throughout the the entire journey, I noticed that the henchies now will engage the enemies themselves without my permission (well, they used to run as long as I run) when the monsters enter their aggro circle. Even with my back turned towards the enemies, some of them will stay and fight and hence stacking unnecessary DP.

    I also noticed that they no longer attack the target I call. Sometimes they do, but often they just attack their own.

    Maybe it is just me, but the henchies AI seem to be a little more retarded than usual. Never in my entire life have I experienced a party wipeout in areas like Sunjiang Explorable, and now I can hardly get through a normal group of Afflicted without at least 2 deaths in the party.


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    Nice timing to get back :D the update on that was the 20 september

    * Updated the artificial intelligence of all henchmen.

    I myself like the new ai but it's my oppinion.

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