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Thread: New update!

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    New update!

    Well on the recent update it added some odd sqaures to the top of my Inventory window, and to the skills menu, it also changed up alot of the skill and hero interface.ALSO you can now change secondary proffesion at your lesiure. in any town anywhere. i assume not out of town tho

    what do you think the sqaures are for? saved builds? armor slots?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    They're for the three heroes you have with you. You edit their skills and inventory from the same menu as your own.

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    Groovy..now i can change professions anytime io want in any town..i was wondering what use is of templates if we cant changethe secondary connected to the template..now it makes sense...and for the heros too....cool..i love these additions.....only thing left is to add a wardrobe coonected to the weapon slots

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    O_0 error 4 here carnt log in
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    Quote Originally Posted by devils wraths
    O_0 error 4 here can log in

    me2 dam wtf is going on.

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