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    Guildwars down...

    Is it me or gw is down?(disconnected,no server) The main site is down too for me...

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    Both work perfectly for me (perfect - all the 005 errors i'm getting this weekend)

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    Don't have any problems and no errors

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    We've had no server problems on our end. There was a glitch in Germany (or on German servers) where players were unable to acquire a certain quest. THat was since fixed (early this morning US time).

    If you're still outside looking in, I would suggest you contact your ISP and suggest in gentle terms that you'd really like quick assistance.
    Gaile Gray
    Community Relations Manager

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    Ok thanks for the replies :D Its reallly weird, I can use my internet and only guildwars cannot be reached. Must be my isp, anyway thanks again

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    If the outage is to a specific area, then it's likely not your ISP, but a router out on the net. It's somewhere along the path between you and GW.

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    Daniel Of Gaul
    nothing but major lag in this game today. no doubt from the free event. its horrible. this is the only game that lags for me. and its not my pc. and anet loves to blame you and your ip for everything. just like the router error i got when the server went down last week; and the problem was on thier end. what a way to welcome new players.

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