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    [Elonian Lore] Ritualists in Elona

    I know some people have been wondering why Ritualists would have an 'ancestor' in Elona. If you look at the new ashpot for them, Vocal Was Sogolon which extends the duration of shouts and chants when held.

    At a time in the game, you will come across Sogolon, a Paragon Motivation henchman whom uses shouts and chants. So i were wondering, if he would get killed at a later point in the story, like all Istan henchmen gets killed, save your heroes.

    But when I came to Lahtenda Bog and started doing quests there, one of the named Sunspear Ghosts in the crypt to the south, was ALSO named Sogolon!

    So perhaps it is not ritualist 'ancestors' they are carrying around in their pots, but going around and digging up graves for the remains of powerful people to turn into ashes to use? Since both live and dead Sogolon are Paragons.

    Ritualists also got another new Ashpot, Destructive Was Glaive. From the name and effect, I'll hazard a guess that if we meet Glaive in any form or shape, that he or she is an air elementalist. Since there is no native Rits in Elona.

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    Sogolon may be the Elonian equivalent to "John" for all we know.

    I think there is a bit of confusion of how ancestor worship by the Ritualists works. Ritualists commune with spirts from all places, not just Cantha. When they use the term "ancestor", they don't mean a genetic ancestor, they mean a person who died before them, and is now communable with.

    So, I don't see a problem with Ritualists in Elonia. In fact, I'm nto surprised, and rather pleased, that they did this.
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