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    You don't have to buy the cd's from the store, just the keys online will do.
    All content is streamed to your computer anyway.

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    I have downloaded the game with the client. The game starts with a login screen but I also got something downloading in the top right hand corner. What is this for?

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    When you downloaded the game you just got the engine, the artwork for characters, and weapons. You still have to download the maps. Usually you'll get these upon zoning onto a map for the first time, but if you leave the game idle on the login screen it'll start downloading map files in the back to save time later. You can download them all at once by right clicking a shortcut to GW (the one on your desktop) going to "properties" and adding "-image" to the very end of the "target" line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkshake
    Thanks for the replys. When you say that all 3 are standalone games do they offer completely new chars, maps, quests, items, etc? How big is each game would you say? I thought WoW was big but this sounds much bigger?
    Chapter1 (prophecies) has the 6 core classes (warrior, ranger, elementalist, mesmer, necromancer & monk), it's bigger than chapter 2 and chapter 3 isn't out yet so we don't know about that.

    Each other chapter afterwards has the 6 core classes + 2 new classes, so chapter 2 has 8 classes, chapter 3 has 8 classes, etc... but the 2 new classes are different in each chapter. How big? Pretty big, but I don't think there is as much content as WoW (maybe with chapter 3, I don't know if WoW is big at all heh) And yes, new story, new quests etc for each chapter. The games are pretty big, but I wouldn't be going around trying to rush the game, take your time and go do every quest, make a PvP character, play around. Otherwise, you will reach the end-game pretty fast (there's some nice ones, but it still is end-game so it's like you want to spend your entire gaming experience there), as the PvE in GuildWars isn't too big (it's not small, but it has a big emphasis on PvP as well).

    Biggest tip I can give is : don't get rushed, play with people your level, and start with prophecies, because the Masters system in Factions will make you rush through the game (time limit to beat missions if you want to get masters, people are always annoying and tell people to hurry up)

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    The trial keys are based on the chapter. So there are Prophecies trial keys (which I've seen) and I presume Factions trial keys (which I haven't seen, but it'd make sense).

    The client that you download will be for all games. So keep this in mind -- when you first go to play, it's going to update to the latest build. This download may take a while. If you're on dialup, you may want to download the game and transfer the files from somewhere with a fast connection.

    But the client is the client is the client. That is, the only thing different between being able to play Prophecies, Factions, or (at the end of October) Nightfall is your account and which keys you've added.

    Bah. That's what I get for opening the thread, leaving, and coming back later. Buncha replies before mine saying the same thing... :P

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    Thanks, iv'e managed to get a 10 hour free trial key for chapter 1 so I can test it. When you wait for the citys to download, is this included in your game time?

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    heh probably, but really 10 hours to test it is plenty, as you will have to restart your character if you buy the game (I think) since it's just a trial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlandry
    as you will have to restart your character if you buy the game (I think) since it's just a trial.
    From what I understand: If you create a character with a trial key and play for the ten hours/fourteen days/whichever comes first, then add a normal retail key, you'll be able to pick up where you left off.

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    I started during the Factions preview and when I ended up buying the game (about 4 months later). Everything was there just as I left it. Even after the trial period is over you can still log in and look at your characters (not sure why you'd want to but, meh) you just can't play anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrael STX
    I've gotten my Tyrian (original GW) character to level 20 in an hour or two before, which is the level cap.
    How do you do that? I've been playing for a little over a week now, probably about 15-20 hours, and I'm only at level 12 and just made it to Yaks Bend.

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