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    Fear Me IWAY setup

    I have been running this "heavily modified" IWAY build in HA for about 2 weeks or so now, it works very well and lets IWAY hold halls. We run a even more moddified version now but this is what we started with. I would post a gwshack link but they seem to be down.

    [build prof=W/R name="Charge War" Tactics=13 Axe=13 Strength=11]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear Me!][Charge][Wildblow][Dismember][Distracting Blow][Charm Animal][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=W/R name="Bulls War1" Tactics=13 Axe=13 Strength=11]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear Me!][Eviscerate][Bull's Strike][Rush][Distracting Blow][Charm Animal][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=W/R name="Standard War" Tactics=13 Axe=13 Strength=11]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear me!][Eviscerate][Executioner'sStrike][Rush][Distracting Blow][Charm Animal][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=W/R name="Standard War" Tactics=13 Axe=13 Strength=11]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear Me!][Eviscerate][Executioner's strike][Rush][Distracting Blow][Charm Animal][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=R/E name="Oath Shot" beast=12+1+3 expertise=9+1 wilderness=9+1][Oath Shot][Barbed Trap][Melstorm][Energizing wind][Nature's Renewal][Whirling Defense][Fertile Season][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=R/Rt name="full trapper"][Spike Trap][Barbed Trap][Dust Trap][Flame Trap][Serpents Quickness][Whirling Defence][Frozen Soil][Lively Was Naomei][/build]

    [build prof=N/Mo name="OoA" curse=12+1+3 soul=8+1 heal=10 protection=2][Mark of Pain][Infuse Health][Heal Area][Heal Party][Healing Seed][Extinguish][Order of Apostasy][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    [build prof=N/Mo name="OoP" blood=5 soul=12 heal=12 protection=2][Infuse Health][Heal Area][Heal Party][Heal Other][Healing Hands][Extinguish][Dark Fury][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    NightFall mods:
    [build prof=W/P name="Charge War"]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear Me!][Charge][Wildblow][Song of Concentration][Find Their Weakness][Go for the Eyes!][Resurrection Signet][/build]
    [build prof=R/Rt name="full trapper"][Smoke Trap][Barbed Trap][Dust Trap][Flame Trap][Serpents Quickness][Whirling Defence][Frozen Soil][Lively Was Naomei][/build]
    [build prof=W/R name="Standard War1"]["I Will Avenge You!"][Fear Me!][Eviscerate][Soldier's Strike][Rush][Distracting Blow]
    [Charm Animal][Resurrection Signet][/build]

    The backline is pretty standard full trapper, oathshot (we take out EOE and Pred in our setup since I don't value them) and OOA. The OOP is shifted to a dark fury spammer and can bump up soul reaping/healing and not use a sup rune. The frontline is made up of 4 W/R. The charge + rush combo allows the warriors to counter ward vs foes 50% Slowing effect. Fear Me Spam will quickly e-denial anyone that camps a location (ward campers). Casting of OOA will allow removal of channeling and with NR up channeling is a 2 second cast that the warriors can easily interupt. IWAY allows you to gain 40 seconds of 25% IAS once pets are dead so you aren't affected much by the lack of TF as long as your pets are down. It's your basic melee pressure with e-denial built in.

    The beauty of the build comes into play once you get into Halls. The skill "Claim Resource" by ghostly hero uses 5 energy. Once you capture the altar, 4 fear me spamming warriors will e-denial BOTH opposing ghostly heros so that they will just stand there and do nothing once the e-denial sets in. We had several humerous encounter with various guilds (I think iA and bear, I can't remember) a few weeks ago when they were like "ZOMG hero is bugged" and "Don't invite the ghostly he's rank zero".

    Depending on who I have on my team, I typically run Famine instead of spike trap. Famine is a holding setup, although it also comes in handy in non-altar matchs. With famine and Mark of Pain. Each fear me spam equates to ~35 damage to both enemy ghostlies, it also adds quite a bit of pressure onto opposing monks, warders, warriors that are all bunched up at the altar.

    During the nightfall preview event we also incorporated a few more mods into the build. Specifically smoke trap on the full trapper and W/P on the charge war. Find their weakness makes each wildblow = dismember that cannot miss, cancels stance and hits crit. Song of concentration allows EASY capping. From my tests I believe even PD cannot stop song of concentration buffed ghostly capping since we've came across a few PD mesmers during the preview event and was still able to cap, now it could be from the e-denial of fear me so I can't be certain. Soldier's strike with all of the shouts around (IWAY, Charge, Go for Eyes) is pretty much a never miss +27 damage critical hit that you can spam every 5 seconds.

    I like to thank the members of my group (you guys know who you are) for helping develop and refine this build. I'll post a gwshack link once they are back up.

    I also like to point out that this build is alot trickier to execute than your traditional IWAY and requires the warriors to understand positioning. Various times we had to take PUG wars or OOAs can't doesn't cast OOA for us to remove channeling and would fail spetacularly and get insulted with remarks such as "I'll give you something to fear" or "Famine is for attaxes" and crap like that. So if you are lower ranked IWAYers attempting this build you better be ready for alot failures before you get any successes.
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    Gwshack isn't supported here - either repost it so it's more legible or just provide the link to the build on gwshack.

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    gwshack was down last night and they don't support nightfall skills yet so I'd ask you to leave the nightfall mods in place.

    Here's the link and notes i wanted to add.


    Standard mods (different people have diff styles so depending on who we take in): Dist blow can be changed to disruptive chop. Furious axe instead of executioner's is also another very common substitution. Depending on PVE equipment (I have no more space on my war), warriors can bring dragon's armor for extra protection since the warrior slots are mostly adren.
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    iway is lame.

    (feel free to comment saying "You just hate what wins" ill get a kick out of it)

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    IWAY is lame.

    Oh wait, that was already said. Oh well, it's true.

    And by the way, why bother posting this build when it's no longer going to be useable?

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    Because it was made before 6v6 and you are just slow?

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    I dont know why you guys keep bashing people that are nice enough to take the time to post new builds and ideas. Me on the other hand, I appreciate you very much and thank you for typing this up when u didnt have to. Its very helpful and although lots of people may already know this build, I didnt and its been very helpful. Just one question though...do u know any COUNTERS for this build? Like are there any team builds that could beat this one? Im thinking maybe a non energy based team build would own this? Lemme know....(Vimiway maybe?)

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    ^ lol and second lol @ this thread

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