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    Painfull edenial (work in progress)

    I'll explain some of the more unique points of the build - we have never ran this, but I think it's got the ability to be solid. Note we are currently unranked on the ladder...

    1) The elite spirits are not nessessary, but will add some massive pressure. Likley we'll drop these as we get higher in rank

    2) I've played B-Lighters quite alot recently and I don't find their power comes from B-Light so much as it comes from GoH. Coupled with the fact that conditions = meta right now I think these 2 monks should work well.

    3) There is no dedicated runner, the mesmer, warder will likley run depending on what we are facing - the famine ranger will be running it in from our backline, the ranger will also run the 1st flag if we are playing in a catapult map.


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    For an edenial build, there really isn't that much edenial....

    2 debil shots, e burn, e tap (barely even a deny now) and 2 fear me's.

    I'd consider taking a dedicated spirit spammer, dropping Lacerate (its not worth it imo) and taking QZ + other nature rituals. QZ is probably the greatest edenial skill in the game, and going 'hi' to monks with 2 debil shots every 5 seconds is probably also one of the greatest edenial chains ever. Coupled with a faster eburn/etap, its very nice. I'd still keep the two warriors though, they're useful for damage...

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    Seems fairly nice to me, dont know how well tigers fury links with "Fear Me!" on the first warrior.

    And the mesmer build looks quite interesting, infuse health and energy tap..
    Well Infuse could work, why not, if its necessary. But i find energy tap rather, frightening, maybe feedback? The little energy gain would power that mesmer build a little though.

    Nice overall.

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    Aire - each ranger has SQ which means they can deb shot every 6 seconds. Not a huge difference over QZ and it doesnt drain our monks; do you honestly think 2 fear me's every and 2 deb shots every 6ish seconds is minimal e-denial?

    I know the mez is weak for edenial, but the tap is more for energy gain than anything, and the burn is incase we need to spike someone.

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    TF + Fear me does not play well together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixtech
    TF + Fear me does not play well together.
    Read: does not work at all.

    Lacerate is useless. You're better off running Dragonslash for fearme spam. 2 debshots is very nice, but I wonder why you aren't using Edrain monks and a surge mesmer.

    Your earth ele is gonna be hurting badly for exhaustion with oflame. Better to drop it for something useful, like blindflash or freeze. I'd also drop Famine for cripshot on that apply. Famine is cute, but you're much better off using mindwrack. Conditions will do far more damage whether they are at full or no energy.

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    Drop the Famine on one ranger and MW on the other. It's a waste of an elite and a hex that just takes up space. Recharge on MW is 5 sec, it's fine with just one copy, if you're going to pump up an attribute to 7, do it with inspiration and bring signet of humility, that would be provide more pressure than the MW (especially if you place the usage right). Like others have said, rethink using TF on the warrior, but if you're really set using Lacerate on the warrior, keep it, unlike frenzy you need no cover stance for it.

    IMO this looks like more of a balanced build than heavy edenial (I was expecting two surgers or something, tbh), however it looks interesting, and with minor tweaks will definetely work. Good luck and have fun
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    I agree with the full Lacerate/TF part. TF + Fear Me! is just unusable (TF disables Fear Me!, emptying its adrenal...)

    You might consider going Dragon Slash-Sever-Gash-Sun and Moon-Frenzy-Rush-Fear Me!

    I don't really like your warder. Do you need THAT much warding? And EProd as only emanagement (read you'll need to use it most of the time right when it's ready) + OFlame as only damage will leave him with basically no offense at all. I'd drop one of the 3 wards (likely Stability, doesn't seem like you have something very weak to knockdowns) and go with more offense, though it's not easy to make non-exhausting offense out of earth! Maybe you can go for lower level wards and use Air or Fire to add damage. You could go for something like 10 EStorage, 10 Earth, 9 Healing, 13 Air/Fire/Water.

    If you go for EDenial, i'd say give your Mes ESurge for elite and just give him something like Remove Hex. FC Remove Hex is pretty good. Not too sure why you want Mantra of Resolve on him, for your Rez Chant? ETap and Infuse seem kinda weird choice to me too, but your choice. I'd also rather go Signet of Weariness instead of Signet of Humility if you don't use Mantra of Inscriptions.

    Not too sure why people talk about Famine as if it doesn't do much. If you can pressure enough with your EDenial, it's truly great. Fear Me! can become AOE damage and it's not wasted even if target has only 1E (since it will damage). I'll agree though that Quickening Zephyr would add much more edenial in itself than pretty much all you do. QZ-Famine-Debilitating-ESurge-EBurn together makes for some very powerful edenial, especially if you add Fear Me! on top.

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    4 Physical Dmg characters and no way to remove Blind on the frontline other then overextend a monk or Extinguish spam and hope to get lucky. Ya know we have used a funny Me/e Warder. Uses Energy drain, Energy Tap, and other such skills to use the Wards. It works to, only problem would be you lose HP and Extinguish. It would, however, add that extra amount of Energy Drain you need.

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    Aire - each ranger has SQ which means they can deb shot every 6 seconds. Not a huge difference over QZ and it doesnt drain our monks; do you honestly think 2 fear me's every and 2 deb shots every 6ish seconds is minimal e-denial?
    Thats only half the time, and you're assuming those monks will sit on mid line. If they're at the back, you'll need to overextend to get them, and if you're forced to use Dodge, well, you need to wait another 45 seconds to use Serpents.

    I've never liked serpents for its huge recharge and horrible conditions (if you have less than 50% this stance ends..)

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