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    Abaddon in the Ring of Fire: More than just Abaddon's Mouth

    Please note: This article may contain spoilers related to the storylines of Prophcies and Nightfall.

    Recently, while doing the Abaddon's Mouth mission in the Ring of Fire Islands, I couldn't help but take note some shocking finds that seem to suggest the prescence of a certain fallen god.

    Obviously, the name Abaddon's Mouth seems to imply that Abaddon has some tie to the region, but it has been argued that the name alone is very circumstancial evidence.

    However, I believe I have found evidence to show that Abaddon does indeed have ties to the area, and that the Door of Komalie may feed directly into the Realm of Torment.

    Here I have complied several screenshots and featured the concept art of Abaddon along with them. Take note of the similarities marked.

    Also, keep in mind that the Art of Guild Wars bonus concept art book describes Abaddon's Mouth as being a volcano posessed by evil, which causes the lavaflows to harden into disjointed evil faces.

    On the surface, it seems that this posession is simply alluding to the Titans, and until Nightfall, it could probably be reasonable to assume this meaning. However, I believe the evidence I am providing shows that this posession is in fact Abaddon.

    One discrepancy I noticed, and took note of, was that, while Abaddon is shown with six eyes, the formations only have two. I have no explanation for this. Perhaps the visages are not Abaddon's, but only influenced by him.

    I also believe that the Door of Komalie may lead directly to the Realm of Torment where Abaddon is being held. From what we know of Nightfall, Abaddon is described as being "sealed" or "imprisoned" in the Realm of Torment. "Sealed" or "imprisoned" are logical words one could use to describe being trapped behind the door. Also, the Guardians that emerge when the ether seals are broken and the door opens temporarily are "corrupted" as the ghostly Jacob tells us. They were driven mad, while some, as himself, were pure of heart enough to remain. This seems to suggest that after being inserted into the soul batteries, the Chosen souls enter the realm of Torment.

    Furthermore, concepts for the Realm of Torment show the landscape made out of faces and other body parts, similar to the Ring of Fire lava formations, only made of flesh instead of pumice. Another clue is the prescence of the anatomical oddies known as flesh golems (fire golems in Cantha).

    My final piece of evidence comes in the form of a screenshot. When I noticed the swirling shapes behind the Door of Komalie, something very obvious stood out to me--they had a shape.

    Yes, I believe that what we are seeing here is in fact the form of Abaddon in the fire behind the Door. Note the features I have highlighted. Also note how the portal from which the souls are escaping bears a strong resemblence to the chaos portals seen at the Dragon Festival and the Tomb of Primeval Kings.

    One or two of these things alone might be dismissed, but all of them together, further coupled with the name "Abaddon's Mouth" seem to strongly suggest that Abaddon is in fact trapped behind the Door of Komalie.

    I would theorize that because the Chosen stopped the Lich before he could adequetly finish his summoning of the Titans, Abaddon was not able to use the Door as a means of escape. However, enough of his essence was able to escape, possibly in the form of the spirits we see emenating from the portals, that he has been able to re-establish himself as a upcoming force, which we will see in Nightfall.
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    nice and interesting!!!!

    isn't the rumor that Nightfall was going to wrap up the stories together?

    very interesting.

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    Well, those flames may be mere coincidence, but the faces do show some Abaddon-like influence, I will admit. Very good theory, Quintus. I'm glad to see more proof being found for this Abaddon-Door of Komalie connection than the name "Abaddon's Mouth."

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    MM the ring of fire formations are very nice comparisons.

    I just don't see Abaddon in teh door though. it seems to me to be a case of seeing what you want to see. fire often looks like various physical objects, especially when you stare at it long enough.

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    Does sound like it's basically a prison realm where any evil things tend to get imprisoned. But those faces also appear in the Pre-Sear Catacombs so what's that relation?

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    I tend to concur with your theory, QA, but I've never exactly had proof to, er, prove it. Nice job.

    I still think it's possible that Abaddon is a Prometheus-like God, albeit extra-evil (but oh boy, you'd think Dwayna and crew might have foreseen that he'd try and get the bloodstones back into the known world), which is why he was imprisoned. That's naught but speculation, but something a little more realistic involves the Vizier. We all know he read a dark scroll, caused a bit of trouble and went a bit mad (never mind the decomposing flesh bit), but we didn't quite know where the scroll came from, or why it existed. It's logical to assume that the scroll was actually one of Abaddon's (the Gods resided in Orr, and I wouldn't rule out him being a part of the group at one point), which is what set the Lich off on his journey to set his master free, albeit not knowing it.

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    The scepter of Orr could possibly be an artifact made by Abaddon and thats why it could control the titans if the titans origin is also from Abaddon.

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    Small note: The things you call wings seem to be more snakes... more like serpents, Twin Serpents even...

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    Great piece of writing QA, and certainly proof enough that Abaddon and the Door are in some way connected.

    I'm still interested in how this is connected to the Searing (causing the chosen - Us, to end up there) and why the Mursaat started spreading over the Southern Shiverpeaks drawing attention to themselves from the dwarves (and their more practical god that predates Glint).


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    wow simply just wow, nicer job quintus as always..

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