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    Talking Boy or Girl, you decide...


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    This guy is merely crossdressing. Note the Adam's apple in the 3rd picture and the manly hands. There's no sex change involved.

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    Hmmm...... well the only thing I can say is


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    So uh.. do you cross dress to be like you avatar too, Valerria ?

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    Well.. I can say I thought that was a cute girl till the adams appel.. there is no quicker way on this earth to make me choke on my dinner then that.

    Now if you exuse me I need to go beat myself in the head with the hetorsexual rule book open to the section 14 line 8 stating:'Never call another guy cute.'

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    Wow. Bow before the power of make-up I guess. Incredible

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    My partner was just looking at those pictures, upon seeing the first one - she said: "Hey - i've found your dream girl". So of course I come and look at what she's blabbering on about, and then she scrolls down and chokes on her toast and I was just shocked.

    She knows I dream of a girl like that - but aslong as it IS a girl and of a decent age of course.
    You still are blind, if you see a winding road,
    'Cause there's always a straight way to the point you see.

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    Kinda spookie.... but then again some ppl are really into cosplay...

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    Some people should make their sexuality better known, otherwise, hetrosexual males get really, REAAAALLLLY disturbed.

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    I really wasn't surprised due to the title of the thread.. not to get vulgar but you could also tell he/she had no b00bie$.

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