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    Greener Pastures looking for friendly members

    Greener Pastures is looking for helpfull mature players to help the guild and its members grow.

    About us and what we can offer:

    Greener Pastures [DVDF] is a recently formed guild in the DVDF family of guilds. We have our own identity but will show our close ties to our sister guilds by sharing the same tag. Our alliance currently consist of DVD Forums, Angel Sharks and Greener Pastures. We have members from all over the world but most are from Europe, playing on European servers mainly. About 150 members of which most are very active and login every day. Ages range from 16 till 60 which offers an interesting mix of people who are fun to play with.

    We will be geared towards pve but will look into pvp when members express an interest in this. Our members will not be forced to do anything they dont want to. There is no required faction farming, gvg or pve play if you dont want to. We have our own alliance forum and both vent and TS servers which are mainly used for pvp and high end pve areas (elite missions, uw, fow). The guild will try to be as friendly and helpfull environment to its members and alliance as it can be. Sharing and teaching others to become better players in any field is one of the cornerstones Greener Pastures is build upon.

    We do wish to keep in touch with the community hence we encourage our members to make use of random teams (pugs) when there arent guildies available to help with missions or quests. This is also a great way to make new friends.

    What we are looking for and expect from members:

    Most important is being friendly, mature and helpfull. Experiece isnt too important and we welcome both veterans playing since beta aswell as new players. We expect new members to be active in the Guild and become part of our family.

    What we dont need are (faction) farmers, inmature people, loners, people who use l337 sp34k, ebayers (or other breaches of the EULA), elitest pvp or pve ers.

    If you are interested in joining our ranks please leave your IGN and a short discription about yourself.


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    This is an old post, but i really like the way this sounds.

    Ign: Odin Diantral

    Looking forward to getting a message.


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    I like this guild, i've been getting into HA alot lately, about 2 weeks, i only 24 fame at this point.

    IGN: Wild Cherry Ele, Relentless Joe, Wild Cherry Warrior

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    I like the way this Guild sounds. I just turned 31 (yeah, I'm old ;)) and I live in Finland (GMT+2). I currently study computer-related stuff but I'm a so called "adult student" which means that I have classes only once or twice (three times at max) a week . So I have a lot of time to play the game... I have both campaigns and I have pre-ordered Nightfall also.

    At the moment I'm only interested in PVE. I've tried GVG a couple of times but it didn't feel comfortable. Right now I have only four characters:
    - W/N Brutalius Maximus, my first and the least used character
    - R/Me Stinky Cloud. Has far more exp points than any of my other chars, thanks to countless of B/P-runs in Tombs and FOW + some trapping in UW.
    - Me/N Scarlett Mindstorm, my favourite character. My only char that has beaten both campaigns and will be my first char to go through Nightfall.
    - N/Mo Shadowlord Spike, my "new" char. Started a few weeks ago so I could create a MM/SS -hero when Nightfall comes out.

    Umm... I have lots and lots of patience. Trying things over and over again is not a problem for me. You'll never, ever see me calling somebody a noob or something and you'll never see me blaming the monk or someone else if and when I die. If we fail miserably I'll probably just laugh and ask "again?" I also don't have problems with people using "weird" builds. I, for example, write down interesting builds on GuildWiki and then try them in different areas to see how they work...

    I guess that's enough of myself. Hope to hear from you soon and then smashing some monster skulls with all you people a bit later. :)

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